SCORE Philadelhia Volunteer Highlight: Shauna Howard!

Shauna Howard has been a SCORE volunteer since November 2014. She learned about SCORE in 2011 while searching for guidance on how to grow her own business. After three years of being a SCORE Philadelphia client, Shauna wanted to give back to the organization that taught her how to turn her art into a business. [caption id="attachment_3943" align="alignleft" width="450"] Shauna Howard- SCORE Philadelphia Volunteer![/caption] In what ways are you involved as a volunteer with SCORE? I wear three hats at SCORE Philadelphia. I serve as the Vice President of Membership; in this role, I manage the on-boarding process of all prospective volunteers. I partnered with local universities to design the first official SCORE internship program where college students receive professional experience by working to meet the needs of our chapter. Additionally, I serve as the social media manager. What have you learned or how have you been personally affected from your experience with SCORE? Working professionals & entrepreneurs (both traditional and creative) benefit the most from volunteering.  Artists are in the business of self/ their art, so once they understand the business basics, they become the best artists and leaders! As someone told me, "we're not in competition with anyone, but we're everyone's partner!" Do you have any advice for current volunteers? Never, ever lose sight of why you chose to volunteer with SCORE -- to help your neighbors in your community grow their businesses. Your advice is helping someone to live their dreams, sustain their family, and grow the American economy -- what better way to give back to society! Hobbies/spare time activities: Shauna enjoys singing, salsa dancing, writing, playing with her dogs, public speaking, cooking, & traveling!