CapSol USA has Money to Lend to Small Business Owners!

Undoubtedly, business credit is one of the hardest things to obtain for a new or a newly existing small business. Real or imagined, this is about to change as CapSol USA, who recently joined forces with over 30 plus new Alternative Lenders access and they are breaking records for business loan approvals. “As a result of these partnerships, which supplements a growing list of 70 credit partners, we are ready and able to give local businesses line of credits they could only dream about accessing,” said CapSol USA spokesperson, Al Sims, who is super excited about being able to finally help small business owners receive the business funding they’ve been in need of to expand or start their businesses. “We have money to lend to small business owners,” she added. Alternative lending is lending provided by non-regulated financial institutions or individual lenders. According to Sims, the company now have access to over 450 plus Alternative Lenders that include, but are not limited to, Risk Lenders, Venture Capitalists, Angel Investors, Franchise Lenders, and many, more. “All of our Lending Partners are in business to make money, but due to regulations, majority of them cannot promote openly that they have money to lend. That's where we come in. We let you know they have money to lend, and they do just that. Lend! 365 days a year, 24 hours a day,” added Sims, who claimed CapSol USA has worked hard to eliminate the hassles to applying and receiving business funding. CapSol USA’s simple three step process, according to the spokesperson, takes just a few minutes to complete, and so is inviting interesting persons to contact them to get the money their business needs to succeed. Sims noted that their Lenders guarantee some type of funding or business credit for our clients. Even if a person’s loan request got denied for the amount requested, he or she would not walk away empty handed. “You will be approved for a portion of your loan request,” said Sims. Furthermore, the CapSol USA spokesperson noted that funding is being made directly to the businesses based on business credit standing. “If a new entrepreneur or newly existing business has not established business credit, our lenders are prepared to help them do just that, so that they’re borrowing power can be increased in the future,” the spokesman said. The company’s 2015 #GETFUNDED Conference is scheduled to take place in several states. On October 21, 2015 in Shreveport, LA, October 26-30, 2015 in Arlington, TX, and November 9-12, 2015 in San Antonio, TX. According to the spokesman, the Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs targeted event will host a special VIP dinner for persons who purchase VIP tickets to meet with a wealthy Venture Capitalist, who will choose one of the participants to fully fund their venture. Tickets can be purchased via Facebook @ CapSol USA or on Eventbrite. See: for more details and information. “Every business person who attends business lending events has been guaranteed some kind of business financing, either loans or business credit after signing up with us,” said Sims, who added that this is unheard of in their industry, and what’s more is personal credit worthiness is not playing a part in this decision. For further information, visit: or contact Al Sims via phone 1-866-931-7802 or email: or