Tech startup CrowdZap launches, bringing REAL Group Buying to everyday consumers

CrowdZap Limited, a UK based group buying organization, has officially launched. CrowdZap brings what it terms “the real group buying experience” to everyday consumers, allowing them to buy virtually any product or service by teaming up with other “groupies”.   The concept may seem a well trodden path, with GroupOn and the plethora of other deal-of the-day website around. However, one Director of CrowdZap went on to differentiate CrowdZap: “I tend to call traditional group buying websites as not really group buying. Their group buying model means they negotiate a price with the suppliers first, THEN offer that product to the public at a set price. That is really just a standard retail model”. CrowdZap allows individuals to decide for themselves exactly what products they want, then start a campaign or group. Once a given number of members has been reached, CrowdZap reaches out to suppliers to get an amazing deal on that product for them. The power is suddenly with the buyer not the seller.   This concept may shift the buying paradigm to where it should be for the 21st century. As an additional introductory benefit, CrowdZap is offering all new creators of its campaigns to share in the success, with 20% of profits on sold items going directly into their back pockets. “The chance to get a product cheaper than cheap and then also earn some money – I can’t wait to get going” – D Richards, CrowdZap member CrowdZap Ltd was established in 2015, by entrepreneur Imran Iqbal in Manchester, England. The aim CrowdZap is to change the face of Group Buying into a model that offers tangible benefit to buyers. # # # If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Imran Iqbal at +447980005435 or email at