New Nature’s Fusion Glow Sports Nutrition Bar Launched!

Nature’s Fusion Glow, LLC, a leading San Diego, CA sports nutrition manufacturer, has today announced the launch of a new, but healthy and delicious gourmet sports nutrition bar: Nature’s Fusion Glow Sports Nutrition. We took five powerful foods directly from nature and magically blended them into a gourmet nutrition bar for you,” said Nancy Priestly, a partner at Nature’s Fusion Glow, [caption id="attachment_3863" align="alignleft" width="300"] Don't grab just any nutrition bar - Treat yourself to a world class gourmet bar – the Made in U.S.A. 3-Pack Natures Fusion Glow Bar… it is delicious and distinctive taste of gourmet food ingredients WITHOUT additives, gluten, fillers, sugars, sucrose or preservatives.[/caption] The new sports nutrition bar, which is a delicious treat, snack, or meal replacement made from five powerful foods directly from nature, is now available nationwide through Amazon. “Consisting of the finest organic peanuts, almonds, wildflower honey, Royal Jelly, and Ocean Celtic Sea SaltÒ, this gourmet nutrition bar is also gluten free, and it contains no additives, fillers, high fructose syrups, sugar, or preservatives,” said Nancy. Though available worldwide, the new sports nutrition bar is targeted towards an audience that’s looking for healthy and nutritious products, fitness, sports, convenience, good taste, gluten free, no additives, etc. “Now would be a good time to order and taste this nutritious, high quality, nutrition bar… now that it is being offer at our special launch pricing on Amazon at,” said Nancy, who believes the new Nature’s Fusion Glow Sports Nutrition bar will give persons the energy to finish strong According to Nancy, each nutrition bar was designed to provide users with all nine amino acids, (complete protein) the building blocks of vibrant health, complex carbohydrates for one’s first source of energy, essential fatty acids (EFA’s) for brain power, dietary fiber for health promotion, DNA, RNA, vitamins, minerals, phyto-nutrients, enzymes, micro-nutrients, trace elements, and antioxidant. The Nature’s Fusion Glow Bar, which provides a delicate balance of nature, was created to provide a delicious tasting, world class sport nutrition bar that is formulated with five powerful foods. “Our Nature’s Fusion Glow Sports Nutrition bar It contains only the finest ingredients from the delicate balance of nature,” added Nancy, who is a partner in the Southern California operation of Nature’s Fusion Glow, LLC. For further information, contact: Name: Nancy Priestly  Title: Partner Phone: 805-245-1915 E-mail: Business Name: Nature’s Fusion Glow, LLC