Joanna Parris Named Among Canada’s Top 100 Black Women

Founder and CEO of The Etiquette Nanny, a self-improvement service to youth and women focusing on soft skills, character building and presentation skills, Joanna Parris, has been named among Canada’s Top 100 Black Women to Watch in 2015 by Canada International Black Women Event (CIBWE). The CIBWE is a premiere celebration of Black Women in Canada, and this year’s theme is “INFINITE.” As such, the event will symbolize the boundless legacy black women are building in Canada and beyond through their achievements, leadership and successes. Joanna, who has taken great pride in being recognized for her sterling contribution to society, will be officially recognized at the CIBWE’s awards ceremony, considers the biggest celebration of black women in Canada, and is an event that expects to have over 1,000 persons in attendance. As part of her recognition as one of 100 Black Women to Watch in Canada for 2015, Joanna will have her profile displayed on the special magazine printed and distributed to all the attendees of the CIBWE gala event, while a full profile will be displayed on the event website after the event, and will stay for the full year for more visibility. According to the head of CIBWE, this year’s event will create a path to bridge between the different generations and sectors in the spirit of continuing to pass on timeless wisdom and knowledge in order to maintain and hold alive the universal promise to be “our sisters’ keepers.” “As black women all continue to thrive in their professions, roles, and circles, and therefore, we have to remember that this is made possible so that our sisters around the world could be too,” said Rose Cathy Handy, head of the CIBWE team. In celebrating the occasion, the event’s organizers will be hosting a special breakfast with the CIBWE’s pioneers to pay tribute to retiring member, Dr. Jean Augustine. All other details of the event can be accessed online via the organization’s website at ABOUT JOANNA PARRIS Joanna Parris, Founder of the Etiquette Nanny, has been teaching etiquette, manners and first impression for over 15 years. Today, her main focus is to share her expertise in manners, etiquette and presentation skills with the future of society – children; but also caters to professionals who want to learn how the right image and business/social etiquette can improve their chances of success. An advocate for education and young people, Joanna uses her down-to-earth approach to connect with young people. She challenges them to reach for the stars and demonstrates how manners and etiquette play a pivotal role in the choices they make today and in the future. Joanna has worked at the helm of several prestigious events in Toronto, such as the Harry Jarome Awards and Caribana. She has been recognized for her work with youth by several organizations, including the Ethnic Press. Joanna, a former radio and tv host in her native land Trinidad and Tobago, immigrated to Canada and to gain ‘Canadian ‘ experience, worked at Mt. Sani Hospital, then slowly worked her way back into Radio at CHIN FM. A former model and beauty queen trainer, she began making her mark in Image Consulting; she co-founded the Toronto Chapter of AICI. With the help and advice of Donna Messer, Canada’s networking guru, Joanna began working with entrepreneurs and migrant women. Her interest in entreprenieurshp led to a managerial position with the Women Business Owners of Canada; a six country tour of Europe on behalf of the Canadian Government; trips to Africa; South America and various Caribbean Islands working with entrepreneurial women. ABOUT CIBWE The CIBWE is a premiere celebration of Black Women in Canada that offers a unique platform where black women from different walks of life can meet to share, network, learn and celebrate. In offering an atmosphere for women to explore possibilities and connections, the CIBWE provides opportunities for women to share knowledge, experience and network, plus showcase success stories of accomplished Black women, including the raising of funds to support a scholarship program for young girls and young mothers in Makak, Cameroon. Its primary aim is to provide a platform where women can continue to celebrate their achievements, strength, resolve, resilience and legacy to society. For further details, please visit the event’s website at MEDIA CONTACT: Joanna Parris, Founder, CEO The Etiquette Nanny, Website: Phone: 1-519-956-9120 – 1-416-876-3583 (cell) E-mail: