57 Million Americans Have Legal Issues

57 Million Americans Have Legal Issues... trust me, that’s a whole lot of people! The Legal Needs Of American Families Study (Legal Needs Study) shows that working Americans and their families face a myriad of legal issues on almost a daily basis. The study shows that 57 million full-time working Americans experienced at least one significant legal event in the past 12 months, but only 60% of those who experienced such an event actually sought out the services of a lawyer to help them. The areas of greatest need identified in the survey include auto and traffic issues such as traffic tickets and accidents, family issues such as adoption and divorce, and estate planning concerns such as wills, trusts, and estate or inheritance management. The Legal Needs Study also shows that legal problems know no economic boundaries. All income levels experience legal issues or events at about the same rate - 66%. Here are the top 25 legal issues identified ·   Automobile accident ·   Execution of a contract ·   Secured a home mortgage/refinanced home ·   Divorce ·   Speeding ticket or traffic violation ·   Prepared a will ·   Marriage ·   Leased an apartment or home ·   Set up a trust ·   Became executor of parents’ estate ·   Was subpoenaed ·   Vehicle damaged while parked on street ·   Sold faulty merchandise ·   Identity theft ·   Inherited property ·   Filed bankruptcy ·   Friend who owes you money files for bankruptcy ·   Injured someone accidentally ·   Leased a vehicle ·   Challenged a will ·   Creditor taking legal action ·   Adoption of a child ·   Property was damaged while in storage ·   Dog bit someone ·   A tenant sued you
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