1f You Were My Attorney…

I would like you to consider yourself an attorney for a minute. How much do attorneys charge per hour? $150 to several hundred dollars? Just for example, consider yourself a $100 per hour attorney.

I come to you and tell you I’m married and have two children, including a teenage driver.

What I would like to do is work out a flat monthly fee with you to provide legal services for me, my spouse, and my chil­dren. I’m going to outline some needs we have.

As I go through these needs, I want you to add them up at $100 per hour.

Then I want you to tell me how much you would have to charge each month for all these services.

First, I would want to be able to pick up the phone and talk with you about any legal matters, personal or business. Of course I will call only during your regular business hours.

Plus, when we need anything of a personal legal nature such as a letter written, a phone call made, or a contract reviewed, we would want you to do that for us too.

I would also like for you to draft my Will.

Then each year, I would like you to review and update it for me if needed.

I want to have this access throughout the United States and Canada.

If I’m traveling in another state or province and need legal advice, I expect you to refer me to an attorney in that state.

I want that attorney to bill you, and I want you to pay that bill out of this monthly fee arrangement we set up.

Now, if you were my attorney, what flat monthly fee would you charge me for all these services?

For further information, visit: http://www.whytehallda.legalshieldassociate.com

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