Neck Sofa, INC., has a Brand New Chiropractor Endorsed Health Care Product! The First Patented Pillow designed with a Supportive BONE Structure Inside the pillow for MAXIMUM SUPPORT and COMFORT

In the US neck pain is common among adults, 50% to 75% of the American population is affected at some point in their lives! New, Unique, Supportive, 12 ways of use ‘Neck Sofa‘ pillow  Reliefs Neck Pain & Corrects Posture Problems! The "Neck Sofa Pillow“, hailed as the only neck pillow with a Patented Inner Support Structure to allow you to re-­‐train how you use specific technology devices properly, has been released and is now available to consumers online at Click here to see Dr. Matthew Lindsay’s video presentation to learn more,” said Gabriel the inventor and designer of Neck Sofa. Endorsed by the Chiropractic community, the Neck Sofa is an ergonomically designed device that comfortably fits the neck and supports the head with a Patented Inner Designed Structure. “It's not only a pillow, Neck Sofa is Your Personal Comfort Companion,” according to Dr. Matthew Lindsay, a Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine and Wellness, who is very careful as to what he says or which health products he selects to make available to his patients. [caption id="attachment_3734" align="alignright" width="175"] Dr. Matthew Lindsay[/caption] Scott M: “I like the concept of the neck sofa. It is a high end well design piece of equipment that can keep the head and neck in proper position and alignment for good seated sleeping (plane, car, etc.). This will prevent slouching and kinking of the neck and vertebrae while allowing proper circulation during a nap. It is comfortable and convenient to use. I really like it!" MS L H: “I purchased the Neck Sofa for my mother, who has Motor Neuron Disease (known as ALS in the US). The customer service person was a great help to me personally offering advice and obtaining rates to deliver to my home and following up that the item had arrived. My mother cannot support her head as her neck muscles are not strong enough. The Neck Sofa has proved to be very comfortable for her. I would recommend it with the proviso that it is not worn in the same position continuously but rotated through the different positions to prevent "pressure" (albeit gentle pressure) on the ears. “Never settle for the ordinary when it comes to your comfort and health,” said Gabriel, who added we didn't settle for ordinary when designing and manufacturing this product for consumers. For further information, contact: Ray Slipatchuk , CEO -­‐ Neck Sofa, Inc. -­‐ 3718 Tamiami Trail, Port Charlotte, FL 33952 USA. -­‐ Tel: 1 (855) 729 7547 -­‐