The New Jersey “Blacklist Workshop” Goes Live January 17th!

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Vashonna Etienne, Executive Director of The Center for Counseling & Holistic Service, today announced for the coming New Year two life changing workshops for its target audience – professionals, ranging in ages 30-55 within the West Orange, NJ area.

The first workshop, ‘The Blacklist’, takes place January 17, 2015, and targets both men and women looking for effective strategies that will help identify, remove and diminish contact with negative, toxic people.

The second of the two workshops, titled ‘Stronger Together: Effective Strategies for an Exceptional Marriage,  targets married couples, according to Executive Director Vashonna. It is designed to help both men and women learn how to effectively communicate with their mate.

“The workshops will be fun, interactive, engaging, and shouldn’t be missed,” said Vashonna, whose organization has been serving the Essex County community since 2010, and is committed to helping reduce the stigma related to mental health services. They have a strong desire to build black communities and keep black families together.

“We help people transform their thinking by offering a practical way of changing,” said Vashonna, who loves making people feel important, and not having them feel like just another client. “It’s important for our clients to know team members are available when needed, even through moments of crisis,” Vashonna explains.

Among the litany of services, The Center for Counseling & Holistic Services provides psychotherapy, coaching, workshops, professional development and training, outreach, education, and support groups for children, adolescents, young adults and adults.

The Center for Counseling & Holistic Services, which has a professional and experienced clinical team with a diverse set of skills and expertise, has recently branched out into serving the religious community by providing information, presentations and on-site outreach services for victims of domestic violence, sexual abuse, child abuse/neglect, police brutality and black on black crime.

As a nonprofit specializing in servicing African-American families, with an emphasis on married couples, the organization needs support, and as a result is actively looking for donations and volunteers in the areas of fundraiser events, outreach projects, administrative task, marketing and mentors.

Vashonna expressed excitement about an upcoming seminar on marriage. “This is  where couples don’t only have fun, but they receive valuable information from some dynamic relationship experts all while enjoying a full course meal, and will end the night with music and dancing,” said Vashonna, whose organization is dedicated to providing innovative programs and services that are evidence-based with practical strategies and techniques.

Vashonna ends by saying, “Working with us will save individuals time and money of having to meet with people who do not meet their needs, do not understand their needs, and do not offer a warm, welcoming environment. We offer something different. We are beyond the four walls of a therapeutic relationship. Sometimes transformation cannot occur by simply sitting on a couch talking. We are innovative. We realize that everyone’s need is unique as well as their learning style. We take the entire person into consideration.”

About Vashonna Etienne, LCSW/ The Center for Counseling & Holistic Services

Vashonna Etienne, LCSW is the Founding Executive Director at The Center for Counseling & Holistic Services, a non-profit 501(c) 3 counseling organization whose mission is to empower men, women, children and families to live a purpose driven life. The Center for Counseling & Holistic Services accomplishes this through commitment and dedication, empathy, patience, dignity, respect and self-determination. Vashonna serves as the lead clinician providing counseling services to men, women and couples. What makes her a relevant psychotherapist is that she has been a student of life. Born to a single-mother in the Bronx and residing in a one-bedroom apartment, she managed to beat the odds. What she has learned is how to build instant trust and rapport with others to bring a familiar feeling that they are not alone.

For further information, contact:
Vashonna Etienne, LCSW
Executive Director
The Center for Counseling & Holistic Service
642 Eagle Rock Ave. Suite 6.
West Orange, NJ 07052