New MicroCareful” Washing Mitt Launched!

Route Gurus, a new player who has recently entered the motor vehicle care sector of the automotive trade, has today announced the launch of “MicroCareful” Washing Mitt – a new industry standard microfiber washing mitt that’s ideal for cars, boats, bikes, RVs, ATVs. “It’s not just a newer washing mitt, but it provides a better, safer car wash with less hard work in half the time,” said founder of, Ionut Nicolau, who noted that although the product’s listed price is $31.49, they have launched special Amazon promo sale price of $14.99, plus an additional offer of another 20 per cent discount through the coupon code: B8C8WDYA that is available for shoppers to avail themselves to buying the product through (meaning another 20% discount from the $14.99),” noted Ionut. “This brand new premium automobile detailing accessory, uses the latest microfiber technology for an amazing soft touch, reinforced with double seam stitching for superior strength and wrapped up with an elastic band adjustable for almost any hand size for both men and women,” explained the spokesperson. “Both the 'MicroCareful' Mitt and the absorbent towel are packed in a useful zipper bag that you can easily store, thus providing the washing equipment with a much longer life cycle.” “The Microcareful Wash Mitt will do a great job of removing dust, dirt, grime, smudges while protecting the car's paint and all delicate surfaces,”added the spokesperson. “Besides, the mitt can be used multiple times with the best results on your car, boat, motorcycle, ATV, RV, furniture, home appliances and it can even be used on airplanes”. With the new premium microfiber wash mitt 'MicroCareful, unlike its non-microfiber counterparts, scratching the paint off your vehicle will no longer be a concern. Neither will the new mitt disintegrate when used, thus leaving users exhausted and frustrated instead of getting a fast, fun and clean result – all those things have been effectively eliminated with the advent of the new MicroCareful Washing Mitt, according to the product’s spokesperson, who love providing high quality products and services to their customers. The new MicroCareful Wash Mitt, designed to provide scratch-free, lint-free, and swirl-free wash every time in the shortest time possible, comes with some special features, including the following:
  • Double Sided Stitching
  • Modified Elastic Band
  • Interior Reinforcement
  • Free Towel and Zipper Bag Included
Other benefits to be had using this the Premium Microfiber Wash Mitt 'MicroCareful, according to the spokesperson, include providing a great job of removing dust, dirt, grime, smudges while protecting the car's paint – thus giving one’s vehicle the brand new look it had when purchased. ABOUT ROUTE GURUSRoute Gurus provide high quality and durable microfiber products and product bundles for cleaning, washing and detailing every vehicle and delicate surfaces of cars, ATVs, bikes, motorcycles, small airplanes, boats, and even furniture and home appliances. The products are designed for cars, boats, bikes, and actually every vehicle, motorized or not, and the company principals wants people to take good care of them. That is why Route Gurus provide special products and awesome bundles to successfully help people keep all vehicles perfectly clean and in the best shape. For further information, contact: Nicolau Ionut Founder Route Gurus Phone: 1-213-233-9437