LegalShield Representative Associate Recruiting Maryland!

LegalShield offers multiple ways for you to receive income, and we even give you the option of daily direct deposits. Here are some of the ways you can generate income with your business:
  1. Direct Sales Compensation: Help others receive access to justice through the marketing of LegalShield Plans. We offer a lucrative and competitive compensation structure which provides income for every LegalShield plan that you market. We've also designed this plan to grow with you, so the more you sell the higher you advance in the compensation plan and the more you receive for your sales.
  2. Override Income: You have the opportunity to sign others up to become Independent Associates just like you. These people may sign up others and so on. This makes up your organization. Whenever an Associate under you makes a sale, you may receive override income.
  3. Residual Income: Your initial commission for a membership sale is an advance, once the advance period has passed, if the Membership is still active, you will begin earning residual income.
  4. Contests and Promotions: Throughout the year opportunities will arise for you to earn additional income through contests and promotions. Some promotions will also offer ways to advance more quickly to a higher commission level.
 If you have any questions, please contact me, or visit my website. Delroy A. Whyte-Hall Office - (240) 347-6385 Cell - (240) 707-0769