Hagerstown PR Expert Introduces Low-Cost Subscription Model to Beat the Economic Crisis!

Hagerstown, MD – In response to the economic downturn and the lack of low-cost public relations resources, WHYTE-HALL COMMUNICATIONS, LLC has launched a subscription-based public relations service designed for small businesses. For US$75 per month, local small business owners receive up to four press releases each year, editorial calendar monitoring, monthly consultations and substantial discounts on a variety of low-cost public relations services. In addition to helping struggling small businesses, WHYTE-HALL COMMUNICATIONS, LLC are also hoping the new pricing structure will help the consultancy cultivate new business, and remain afloat as companies cut back on advertising, marketing and public relations spending. “Most public relations agencies charge thousands of dollars to develop a public relations campaign, and while many of them secure outstanding results for their clients, an increasing number of companies simply don’t have the money to invest,” said Delroy A. Whyte-Hall, head of WHYTE-HALL COMMUNICATIONS, LLC, and Chairman of SCORE-Hagerstown. “I am hoping that with my new subscription-based services, I’ll be able to help businesses who have cut public relations spending out of necessity. I also hope that the new pricing model will become a popular alternative to costly monthly retainers, and generate some new business so that I too can survive the economic crisis,” added Whyte-Hall, a former mulch-award-winning journalist. WHYTE-HALL COMMUNICATIONS, LLC  is a boutique online public relations consultancy headed by multi-award-winning Caribbean journalist and public relations strategist Delroy A. Whyte-Hall, who decided to launch the company after observing a number of businesses and organizations, due to the economic downturn, were cutting back on their public relations services. "I also noticed a number of individuals, who had lost their jobs either through redundancy, layoff, or downsizing opted to starting their own business, were inquiring about low-cost promotional alternatives," said the Washington County-based publicist. After discussions with a few small business owners, Whyte-Hall decided to launch a public relations consultancy to specifically target companies and organizations with limited resources, and find a way to deliver a cost-effective PR program to help them reach their target audience, publicize their competitive strengths, and secure exposure for their brands. “I have been asked from time to time how I am able to offer my services at these prices,” said Whyte-Hall. “There’s no mystery or magic, it’s really quite simple. I’m taking a loss and making huge sacrifices. But I’ve seen drastic changes in the market, and it has required drastic changes on my part to continue to serve my clients and to continue to survive in the industry. While I am not the first to offer low-cost solutions in the public relations industry, I do believe I am one of the first to offer low-cost services without sacrificing the quality of the work. And there’s some reward and consolation in that.” While the new pricing structure was initially designed for small businesses, WHYTE-HALL COMMUNICATIONS, LLC also plan to reach out to local nonprofits and community organizations, as well as entertainers, cosmetologists, florists, and professionals who need a personal advocate to help them in their quest for publicity. Affordable public relations services are available to both subscribers and non-subscribers for under US$100. For more information about WHYTE-HALL COMMUNICATIONS, LLC, visit www.whytehallcommunication.com or call: (240) 707-0769; eMail: info@whytehallcommunication.com