New Timothy Thill Dance School Opens in Buffalo, New York!

Timothy Thill, owner of a newly established dance school in Buffalo, New York, today announced the launch of the school’s website, The Timothy Thill Dance School has achieved a reputation throughout the dance world for the superior quality of his education and artistic training. Under his artistic direction, the school aims to create true contemporary dancers – trained equally in classical ballet and modern dance. Guest choreographers and teaching artists support the renowned Timothy Thill in opening the dancer’s eyes and minds to all the choreographic possibilities that lie ahead. According to Hill, he’s hoping graduates of the dance program will dance with ballet and modern dance companies across the United States and abroad. “My aim is to produce some of the nation’s directors and administrators of respected companies worldwide, and that many would have gone on to successful careers as choreographers and owning their own dance schools,” said Thill. As a country singer from Buffalo, New York, Timothy was born in Little Rock, Arkansas on April 12th in 1990. Growing up in Little Rock, Timothy was exposed to many kinds of music, but his parents listened to mainly country. His dad always said there was just something to be said about the sadness of a country song. This made Timothy very interested in country music at a very young age. When Timothy was six, he begged his dad for a guitar. For his seventh birthday, he finally got one. “It was expensive, but it was a great little guitar,” recalls Hll, looking back on the fond memories. By the time Thill was nine years old, he was entering singing and talent contests, and winning many of them. Timothy’s first contest was at school, and he remembers “blowing them outta the water.” It wasn’t long before Thill was becoming more and more noticed. By the time he was in high school, Timothy was wooing the ladies with his charm and guitar. Timothy went straight from high school to trying to make it to the big stage. Now, Thill plays in a large bar in Buffalo, New York. He plays every night, and the people really seem to love him. Timothy Thill says he’s not done yet. Timothy shared some of his big aspirations, and his hopes and dreams are nothing to sneer at. He enjoys singing and playing at the bar, but he believes there are bigger things out there, just waiting for him. He has plans to one day hit the road. Timothy Thill has his goals set on making it to the Grand Ole Opry one day, and playing on that big stage, along with some of the other “greats” of the country music industry. For further information, visit The Timothy Thill Dance School online at