IBSO promotes ethical business practices across the globe

The Jerusalem-based International Businesses Standards Organization (IBSO) presents a uniform set of ethics and ways to evaluate business across the globe. To that end, the IBSO has created a Worldwide Charter for Fair International Commerce. "I am sure that now, in today's kind of economical world we are in, it is just the right time to present to the business-society our new project, the Worldwide Charter for Fair International Commerce,” said IBSO Chairman Konstantin Krinski. “The world needs some way to set fair, ethical and fully transparent standards for conducting business across international borders.” The IBSO is a worldwide independent non-profit organization that creates, promotes and maintains evaluative and ethical standards for international market players and for the global business community at large. Participation in the Worldwide Charter is voluntary and is aimed a wide range of businesses and organizations. Mr. Krinski said he does not want anyone left out of they are interested in joining the charter. “We are trying to be as inclusive as possible. We want to hear from the business and industry community from everywhere. If you have a plant in China, we want to hear from you. If you have an import business in Brazil, we want you to be a part of this initiative. If you do business in London, Moscow, Wien or any other place, your input will be valuable,” Krinski said. The IBSO suggests nine specific principles for the Worldwide Charter covering environmental protection, and economic and social development. “We created an all-encompassing code of conduct that reflects the universal principles of fair dealing and the best international practices in ethics and corporate responsibility,” he said. “Signatories to the agreement will be able to enter negotiations with each other with a lot of the fundamental issues already settled.” There is no charge to participate in the Charter or to sign on to it. “It simply does not make good sense to require the fees from leaders who are committed to implement fair dealing practices and to conform to the standards of modern society,” he said. “I urge you to consider joining this Worldwide Charter. I hope it will increase your worldwide performance and your enterprise’s ability to compete globally." The proposal is meeting with much praise from international leaders. "I want to sincerely welcome the initiative of the International Businesses Standards Organization in the proposition of a Worldwide Charter for Fair International Commerce. This step has to be noted in terms of linking to global ethics the effective overcoming of the present inertia of the West to meet the changes in modernity," said United Nations Global Expert Dr. Candido Mendes. The Worldwide Charter for Fair International Commerce Principles www.standardizations.org/charter. For more information, visit www.standardizations.org, contact us at press@standardizations.org, or call + (972) 528 232 381.