Vitali-Chi: A New, Drug-Free, Non-Invasive Health Care System Launched!

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Vitali-Chi, a new health care system that promotes a very powerful but effective way of unlocking the body’s own ability to heal without invasive drugs and needles, today officially announced its launch.

According to Director Allen Jesson, Vitali-Chi provides a health care system that helps people balance their energy system, thereby creating the all-important relaxation state the body needs to heal itself.

Aimed at people suffering from illnesses and other modern day ailments; such as insomnia, stress and tiredness, Vitali-Chi provides an incredible drug-free and non-invasive alternative solution to “conventional” medical treatment.

“Whether someone needs more energy, wants to sleep better at nights or to improve their meditation; Vitali-Chi provides the best natural solution for providing ‘Energy For Life‘, using Chi energy (discovered by the Chinese some 5,000 years ago) and builds further on the pioneering 20th century work of Leon Ernest Eeman, Edgar Cayce and Dr. Royal Raymond Rife “.

As a natural preventive health care tool, Vitali-Chi is also used to revitalize depleted energy, improve sleep patterns, regulate blood pressure, relieve tension and stress. According to Jesson, “it is the ultimate power nap.”

Vitali-Chi’s therapeutic healing properties can also be used to enhance further and deliver natural healing substances that increase their potency via the energy field. Pointing to the overwhelming ‘positive’ testimonials the product has received, Jesson said Vitali-Chi “is a product that works.” As a result, he is now looking to the wider scientific community to undertake further research to find out exactly how Vitali-Chi helps the body to heal itself.“Vitali-Chi also provides a brand new revenue stream for therapists” said Jesson, who further announced they are conducting a number of workshops in the UK for patients and therapists alike.

For further information, contact:

Allen Jesson
Vitali-Chi Ltd.
Phone: 44 (0) 1206 385397