VOIXIS Launches All-Inclusive feature rich Business VoIP Plan

VOIXIS, the New Jersey based leading provider of voice, data, the Internet, and unified communications systems and services, today announced the launch of a new $29.99 per month “All-inclusive” feature-rich Business VoIP communications plan with benefits for all types of organizations. “This All-Inclusive VoIP plan eliminates upfront costs while delivering the newest technology to SMBs,” said Rob Cistaro, Vice President of VOIXIS, who made today’s announcement. “VOIXIS makes it easy for businesses by offering an All-Inclusive Business VoIP communications package that comes with complimentary state-of-the-art High-Definition color phone, unlimited domestic calling, 50-plus features and a trial period for a low monthly cost of $29.99 per phone,” added Cistaro, whose company, VOIXIS, has been providing service to their New Jersey valued customers with roots dating back to the 80s. According to the VOIXIS Vice President, this all-inclusive offering was designed to give the SMB market the opportunity to leverage state-of-the-art technology with without a large capital expenditure. He also noted that the business marketplace has taken to this new offering because they improve their communication, which in turn, improves their sales and customer service and increases their margins. “Most certainly, we’ve heard the cries of many small and medium-size businesses looking to leverage technology to help foster growth, and so we have come up with a viable, cost-effective solution to meet their expected needs,” noted Cistaro. The great news for many organizations, according to the spokesperson, is that this “All Inclusive” Business VoIP plan upgrade often results in cost savings. Many SMB organizations often use expensive and often featureless POTS lines, with the VOIXIS new offering, businesses now have the ability to trade in those POTS lines for a feature-rich phone solution.

The VOIXIS All-Inclusive Business VoIP offering is feature-rich with benefits for all types of organizations. System features include: call analytics, call whisper/barge, call recording, customizable auto attendants, time based routing, conferencing, unlimited extensions, and it is 100% scalable. Additionally, the company provides 24/7 support and system management, training and installation, and online resources.

The in-office benefits realized by organizations adopting the new VOIXIS system include:
  • Connect multiple locations as part of one unified system
  • Train employees more effectively by “listening”, “recording” or “whispering—in” on calls
  • Real-time call tracking activity with powerful system reporting via the web interface
  • Remotely change auto attendant messages and reroute calls if inclement weather or other situations arise
  • Eliminate POTS lines and features that run up a monthly bill
Meanwhile, benefits for home based employees include connecting to the system as if they were in the office, share the same outbound caller ID as the main office, and page and intercom staff through out the system. Over the past couple of years business hosted VoIP providers have targeted the SMB market with offerings that allow organizations the use of a phone system with enterprise rich features. On the surface, this sounds attractive to many organizations, that is up until they realize the initial cost of the phones. VOIXIS has eliminated this cost by providing state of the art HD phones as part of their All-Inclusive offering. “Often the capital expenditures make that technology enhancements cost prohibitive. However, with the feature-rich VOIXIS All Inclusive Business VoIP offerings, the cost is no longer prohibitive, but cost-effective,” said Cistaro, noting when partnered with VOIXIS, customers choose an organization that has the experience to manage all of their communications needs. About VOIXIS VOIXIS is a full service New Jersey based telecommunications provider that gives small and medium-sized businesses the power to manage all of the communications from anywhere, at any time. VOIXIS, through its companies have been providing telecommunications services to thousands of businesses since 1989 and today leading the way with unique and emerging technologies. For more information, visit VOIXIS.com For further information, contact: VOIXIS 973-969-9680 info@voixis.com www.VOIXIS.com