Knowledge Pills Releases New Titles as eBook Editions!

Knowledge Pills have recently announced several new books, 31 in all, and headlining the list were Paper Flow Management, Managing Your E-Mails Efficiently, Being Organized on the Road, How To Build An Effective Team, and Space Planning - Maximize Efficiency. “Same as the corporate intranet KP courses, KP eBooks are designed to provide a subject matter introduction or refreshment within 15 minutes or a coffee break, offline on your personal eBook reader or PC,” says Edwin Balog, who notes that the new books were written by international experts in the field, and each provides a brief and capable guideline. “The focus each book is not just to explain ‘how something works’, but to reposition the subject matter in today's world. However, the objective is to understand the principles, rather than to memorize the facts,” said the spokesperson, who noted that the new books are currently available at Amazon. Paper Flow Management, written by Sally Allen, was created to address the piling up of papers, which are due to delayed decisions and because there is no designated final resting place for the papers to go. “If you are drowning in piles of paper, like it or not, it is time for you to get organized. People spend an average of 22 minutes a day looking for things around or on their desk, and Paper Flow Management provides a workable solution to convert those lost minutes into productive time to get rid of the piles,” writes Sally. Managing your e-mails efficiently, authored by  K. J. McCorry, notes that while Email, now the primary source of communications and information sharing in the workplace, it was vital to be efficient and organized with all email correspondence. “Email will consume your workday if you let it, and the compelling feeling that you have to stop your current action and read the incoming email at the very moment it is received can translate into a huge time-waster,” says McCorry, who adds that Managing Your Eails Efficiently provides the solution. While Email needs to be one of your priorities, establishing a management scheduled along with other tasks needed to be completed each day, is something that needs to be considered, and within Managing Your E-Mails Efficiently, several creative solutions have been revealed. In McCorry’s other book, Being Organized on the Road, he addresses the burden traveling usually placed on most business persons, especially if they are the unorganized sorts. According to McCorry, it's hard enough keeping up with typical workdays, much less trying to travel on top of your other responsibilities. “So whether you take one trip a year or several, it is important to stay organized before, during, and after your travel assignments, Being Organized on the Road offers several solutions. It discusses ways that will help you efficiently travel and manage your workload during travel. The more you plan and organize while you are on the road, the easier it will be to return to the office,” says McCorry. In his book, How To Build An Effective Team, Larry Kryske argues that building an effective team is as much an art as a science. “The principal reason for this dichotomy is the involvement of people,” the author writes. According to Larry, the management of people represents the science and involves time-tested practices and procedures, and that the leadership of people represents the art and taps into the nature of humans, their talents, creativity, and energy. “The key player in the team-building process is the team leader,” stresses Larry. In conclusion, Space Planning - Maximize Efficiency, another book written by Sally Allen, states that a person's work environment is very important, because that’s where “we spend nearly as much time at work as we do at home.” Citing a recent North American Survey, Sally noted that nearly 50 percent of workers rank their work environment as the most critical element of job satisfaction. “What makes a high quality work environment? Space design. It is a key component for increased productivity and efficiency,” said Sally. Furthermore titles are available from KP series  Leadership Skills, How to Feel Better, Communication Skills, Intercultural Management and others. For further information, contact: Sylvie Rumler Balog & Co GmbH, Germany +49(6081)6826883