Graphics One Releases New GO F-24XL UV Flatbed Printer

The GO F-24XL UV, a new small format UV flatbed inkjet printer with a standard table size of 24-inches by 47-inches and scalable up to 79-inches, was officially released today by Graphics One, Inc.

[caption id="attachment_3553" align="alignleft" width="433"] The new GO 24XL UV Flatbed Printer.[/caption]

According to Ernie Contreras, Graphics One Product Management, “the “XL” extension means “Extra Length,” and refers to the table of the new F-24XL printer that can now deliver a 24-inch x 47-inch image that is scalable up to 79-inches in length by adding extension tables.” Contreras further noted “the new GO 24XL UV Flatbed Printer, which follows on the heels of the successful launch of the GO F-24, includes newly developed dual LED UV lamps with internal liquid cooling that substantially increases the life of the UV Lamps.”

The new GO F-24XL UV flatbed printer is the first 24-inch UV printer to offer this extra length, as most units are limited to delivering an image no more than 16-inches long. Additionally, like the standard F-24, the unit offers a printing depth of 10-inches. Contreras noted that when all are combined, the total cubic printing area is 18,720 cubic inches, “a new world standard”.

In addition to its dual liquid cooled LED UV lamps, the new the GO F-24XL unit prints at up to 100 sq feet per hour, and has the ability to print an image at 2880 dpi. The XL ships standard with print management software and can be upgraded to include variable data imaging.

Contreras added, “potential customers for a small format UV flatbed have requested an extended length UV printer for unique applications, such as sports equipment, promotional items, signage, industrial applications, which until recently had to be printed using more expensive equipment with a substantially larger footprint. The GO F-24XL achieves this goal with its much smaller footprint and lower cost. At the price point being offered, the unit offers the best price per performance for small-format UV printers in our industry," Contreras stated.

The GO F-24XL UV Flatbed Inkjet base unit, lists for $43,995, can be fitted with an extension (complete system with 79-inch extension has a list of $48,995) at a later time if not purchased with the XL.

The GO F-24XL UV ships with one starter set of GO’s C,M,Y,K, W UV-m UV ink and has a list price of $200 per liter. The XL, which starts shipping late September, 2014, will premiere at the SGIA Show in October in Las Vegas, NV.

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