Singapore Firm Joint Venture with Thai Owner Open the Space Experience Themed Hotel in Phuket!

OPL Development Pte Ltd had begun working on a project that is set to awe the tourists and residents alike of Phuket Island with the extraordinary Space Experience Theme Hotel & Leisure mixed use development project that brings with it an experience that is quite literally, out of this world.

Space Experience Theme Hotel & Leisure mixed use development Groundbreaking ceremony, held at Phuket Island.

Phuket Island, Thailand (September 7th, 2014) – August 27th, 2014 saw the event of the Space Experience Theme Hotel & Leisure mixed use development Groundbreaking ceremony, held at Phuket Island where OPL Development Pte Ltd and Thai owner, Khun Phuchin Saengfai, introduced their development idea to the masses. The event was a huge success as it attracted many to the pioneering idea of a space experience, the first of its kind in Phuket Island.

The event had the esteemed Vice-Governor of Phuket, Dr Sommai Preechasilpa, as the Guest of Honor, making it a very respectable event that had complete media coverage. The Ceremony also had overseas guests from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Australia along with many celebrates personalities from Thailand whose presence only elevated the event’s importance.

The Space Experience Theme Hotel & Leisure mixed use development project, highlighted by the ceremony, is aimed at providing the best experience to tourists, residing at the Phuket Island while at the same time, acquiring resources for the area’s development. It is the most awaited project that will allows tourists and visitors to get an unforgettable space experience that is bound to make them forget their presence on Earth.

Visitors can choose from various type of accommodation that is designed to mimic space stations or shuttle cabins in a manner that is unmatched. One can come across shopping and wellness stations that have a feel of a futuristic space station. There will also be several space activities that one can indulge in to get the complete feel of living in outer space. The project has been planned and thought through to the very last detail to provide an extraordinary yet credible experience to the visitors and tourists of Phuket Island.


Shirley Sim
Marketing Executive
OPL Development Pte Ltd.
[+65 90724990

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