New Guide Book on Toyota’s Concept of Lean Leadership Development Released!

Developing Lean Leaders At All Levels, a newly authored book by Dr. Jeffrey K. Liker providing a practical guide that reveals the four-step Lean Leadership Development model, was today released through the Lean Leadership Institute and announced by President George Trachilis. Dr. Liker’s previous book, The Toyota Way, has sold almost one million copies.

According to Trachilis, Developing Lean Leaders At All Levels reveals to the reader Toyota’s secrets, at the core of which is the following four-step lean leadership development model:

  1. Commit to self-development
  2. Coach and Develop Others
  3. Support Daily Kaizen (Improvement)
  4. Create Vision and Align Goals

The new book, which builds upon this four-step model, according to the spokesperson, introduces the minimum requirements of having a visual workplace and formalized standards before continuous improvement is possible.

“Lean Leadership is an up and coming topic in the world of ‘Operational Excellence’, and which employs a simple concept: “Every pro athlete has a coach, why doesn't each manager/employee?’” noted Trachilis, who believes Dr. Liker’s new book contributes greatly to the Lean Leadership world, which he claimed is not short of stellar.

“Even though we live in a world that bombards us with information, Jeff sought to defuse this by building on his 32 years of research and knowledge of Toyota inner workings to get to the point so that you, as students, coach, manager or CEO, know what to do to succeed in the workplace regardless of the industry in which you work,” added Trachilis, who considers Dr. Liker’s concept of leadership, based upon the four-step model, teaches leaders to help themselves.

President Trachilis, a leader in his own right, has not stopped learning, and so credited Dr. Liker’s books, including Developing Lean Leaders At All Levels, have taught him that “after you strip away all the obstacles, one by one, that prevent you from reaching your target condition, one day you will look back on how far you have come.”

President Trachilis also pointed out that Dr. Liker’s book will help readers understand that when they finally get to their target condition, there was always another one in front of them, “This will always be a Lean journey for me. I have enjoyed the journey thus far,” he said.

Pointing out that Lean really worked as they expected, he, however, cautioned that for many companies it may never work, without the leadership and the process in which they must go through to develop their skills and those of their subordinates.

“This book (Developing Lean Leaders At All Levels) offers a contribution like no other. It gets to the core of the matter, you. What can you do to develop yourself? What can you do to develop others? How can you develop a culture of Continuous Improvement to achieve breakthrough goals and stay ahead of the competition? All of these questions are answered with great insight in this book. All are substantiated with case studies,” said President Trachilis.

Finally, President Trachilis has issued an open invitation to leaders everywhere to join him as he greets students and coaches from all around the world in their online community at

For further information, please contact:

George Trachilis
Lean Leadership Institute
(204) 880-6363


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