James Matador, Co-Star Of VH1’s The Pickup Artist Heads Swimsuit Centerfold Celebrity Judges!

The upcoming Swimsuit Centerfold reality show Swimsuit Centerfold LLC, revealed today that Matador, co-star of VH1’s The Pickup Artist, will headline this year’s list of celebrity judges.

“We are grateful to have secured James Matador, a master pickup artist and one of the founding partners of VenusianArts.com, to be one of our star judges. Besides, he’s also an actor, an accomplished businessman, a national-champion martial artist, amateur bodybuilder, and avid reader,” said Mike Brown, Executive Producer of Swimsuit Centerfold.

[caption id="attachment_3548" align="alignleft" width="204"] James Matador, Co-Star Of VH1’s The Pickup Artist Heads Swimsuit Centerfold Celebrity Judges![/caption]

Matador, who recently spoke at Yale University on social dynamics and dating, is Mystery’s long-time wing and together they have taught live seminars all over the world. Considered one of the best pick-up artists in the world, Matador has used his finely-tuned expression of the Venusian arts to create relationships with women with high-quality, including models, actresses, and celebrities.

Matador, who has also appeared on The Jon Stewart Show and Fox and Friends, and has received coverage from CNN, The New York Times, and AskMen.com, most recently appeared as a contributor and character in the new book, The Pickup Artist: The New and Improved Art of Seduction.

According to Fred D’Amelia, Director of Photography of Swimsuit Centefold, the upcoming season of the show will be one the first Reality TV Show filmed and distributed in Ultra High Definition "UHD 4K". 

“After being shot in such high quality, the Sony 4K network, Netflix 4K Stream, MTV-HD and Fashion TV viewers will enjoy the high quality images, hyperrealism, pristine colors that have only been seen on the big screen,”said D’Amelia. Season one of Swimsuit Centerfold is set to be among the best shows to tune into in the year 2015. Shot on the picturesque beaches of Cancun, the Swimsuit Centerfold website describes the upcoming adventure as:

“The captivating and picturesque environment can spawn any number of exciting schemes, and thrilling experiences. From swimming with the dolphins, to extreme zip lining adventures, to the exotic scenery of the beautiful tropical beaches, this show will highlight the unique features of this picturesque backdrop which sets the stage for Swimsuit Centerfold’s story to unfold.”

The Swimsuit Centerfold, which will give viewers backstage access to the drama, the high and lows of the pageant contestants, as they participate in the pageant to earn the coveted Miss Swimsuit Centerfold title.

According to Producers, creation of the reality show is a “a giant leap forward that will take the swimsuit pageant to the next level.” They have invited over 4.8 million viewers worldwide to join in the journey of crowning the next Miss Swimsuit Centerfold.

Kevin Keator, president of the Vertex Media Group, INC in Orange County, CA, will be the director and lead creative producer behind the new show.  His credits range from 3 years of producing Television content in the greater Los Angeles “easyOC TV” and the “3am show”. 

“Swimsuit Centerfold believes that his knowledge and breadth of experience will surely make Swimsuit Centerfold a success,” said Brown, who further revealed that the forthcoming season production has been revamped to make every aspect of the show feel like a front row seat experience for the viewers. He’s also happy that Swimsuit Centerfold has opened modeling opportunities to the entire world, all via TV.

This year’s winners will receive:

  • The Top Three Winners Will Be Predominately Featured Throughout The TV Show.
  • All Expenses Paid Cruise.
  • Modeling Contract Opportunities.
  • Over $50,000 in CASH & PRIZES.

Brown also disclosed that open casting calls will take place in early Fall for models. He is also inviting persons interested in getting involved as a sponsor, designer, member of the press, or judge should contact them via email: David@swimsuitcenterfold.com.

About Swimsuit Centerfold:

Swimsuit Centerfold is a swimsuit pageant and an upcoming reality show. For more information, please visit: http://swimsuitcenterfold.com

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