What’s for Dinner? Local Restaurant App Points To The Best Local Specials

Food Lookout, a community app that shows you nearby lunch and dinner specials, has been launched. According its founder Adel Shahin, the app provides an essential platform that allows locals to enter special deals they know about and view nearby deals entered by others. “This app provides users the easiest way to try somewhere new without having to pay the usual full price,” said Shahin, a traveling entrepreneur who sees it as an insider resource base of information for any city.Targeted at a demographic, age 20 to 30-plus, the Food Lookout app, according to Shahin, is ideally suited to people who prefer to eat out, but do not want to spend too much money or want to try a new place without overpaying on the food. “Using the Food Lookout app is a real money saver, besides it also lets persons contribute to their city as well as try new places,” noted the spokesperson, who believes the app will cause a ripple effect through the restaurant industry.After users adopt the Food Lookout app’s simple interface, the spokesperson is hoping all restaurants will be forced to offer up daily specials to compete or stay in business, which of course means more savings for everyone. Food Lookout, is one of Shahin’s many creations. As a serial entrepreneur, he has been working on creating companies since high school, and to date, has co-founded and invested into several companies whilst in college. His main aim is to help improve humanity (as with most entrepreneurs!) one way or another. When asked why Food Lookout at this time, Shahin noted that he has always had trouble finding new places to eat or try, without worrying about the quality of food/service that he receives. “This was when I realized that I can actually go to these places and say a few secret words to have the ‘local’ treatment. Since Food Lookout has been released, shopping in new neighborhood has never been easier. It helps locals impart their knowledge and secrets to share with the world,” he explained.. However, Shahin believes having a community based app is simply the platform for everyone sharing their hidden gems, as well as giving them the community to vote on deals and restaurants listed. Noting that everything is managed by the community, Shahin believes most restaurants don’t even know they’re on the app. “They’re listed using their existing menus and on-going specials, as this allows the app to be dictated purely by the local community and moderated by it,” he added. For further information, contact: Adel Shahin Founder +64211432060 adel@foodlookout.com www.Foodlookout.com