New Photo Distribution Site Goes Live Sept. 1, 2014!

Pixlater, an easy-to-use, super slick online tool that automatically distributes amateur and professional photographers’ photos to their favorite photography sharing websites, goes live on September 1, 2014. Photographers who wish to become members of the Pixlater photo distribution site are invited to send their request via this link: Simon Gelfand, cofounder of Pixlater, said the new website and product, called Pixlater, is the only product currently available for social photo sharing targeted for professional photographers. “We believe photographers should spend their time taking photos, not uploading them, and Pilxlater was designed to give them this creative freedom,” said Gelfand. According to Gelfand, the new Pixlater site is a great time saving tool, which proves more time for photographers to do what they do best – take photos. “Not only is Pixlater an easy to use tool that automatically distributes your photos to your favorite photography sharing websites, such as 500px, Flickr, Facebook and more, it was designed to free up your (photographer) valuable time and allow him or her to manage their online photography life with ease,” explained Gelfand. He added that the Pixlater site would give photographers’ work the exposure they so badly needed. ABOUT PIXLATER Pixlater, founded by Simon Gelfand and Eyal Halimi, is an online service that was created out of a need. On a recent trip to Iceland, Simon and Eyal took some incredible photos, but found themselves wasting loads of time uploading them to the various photography and social media websites they belong to. Pixlater was born to answer this need. Pixlater is simply an easy-to-use online tool that will save photographers valuable time and allow them to manage their online photography life with ease. For further information, contact: Simon Gelfand Co-founder PIXLATER Phone: +972-3-6122993 E-mail: