North American Homeowners Showing Greater Preference for German-Made Interior Doors!

Modern Interior Door, a new player in the Canadian and the American door market, is fast making a name for itself importing high-end German-made interior doors to satisfy the discriminating tastes of two nations people who either have a preference or have recently acquired a taste for German-made goods and services.

Today, the German-made Lebo Interior Doors are widely distributed in Vancouver, Canada, and North America.

Claiming to have more and better features than non-German made doors currently being sold in North America, Jony Hubert, President of Modern Interior Door, said their research has shown that their German-made doors are of much superior quality than non-German made doors.

“Our high-end German custom wood interior doors come in a myriad of finishes and hinge options, hardware options, floor seals, a perimeter gasket system, nail-less installation via low-expansion foam, rebated door panels, aluminum inlays and mortise locks,” said Hubert, whose doors are mostly contemporary in design.

When asked what makes the LEBO door's unique, Hubert pointed out that their modern style doors' advantage over their counterparts includes the following features:

  • Design Variety - Choose between 100s of Designs from Flush Wood to All Glass
  • Wood Finish Options - From Cherry to Swiss Pear Tree and everything in between
  • Stainless Steel Trims - A Modern Look few can compete with.
  • European Installation - No Nail Holes in the Door Frame or Trim
  • German Craftsmanship - Quality and Precision
  • Everything Included - Stain, Trims and Hardware

“As Germans, we are known the world over for our German engineering, and we here at Modern Interior Door have put that same precision and quality engineering into the crafting of our premium interior doors, which are fast becoming the number-one choice for interior designers and home builders,” said Hubert, who now has a growing army of building contractors, interior designers, architects, renovation specialists, and home owners all over Europe knocking at his door.

According to the company’s spokesperson, the German-made Lebo Interior Doors are “better quality products, with a higher lifetime, and they provide a higher re-sale value for the home in which they are installed.”

Besides, these interior doors provide for more precise and faster installation. Each door comes fully finished, either stained or painted, and packaged with the necessary trims, items that are not included with non-German made interior doors currently available in North America. These extras are usually purchased separately.

Noting that their German-crafted doors are of much nicer designs than anywhere else, Hubert said their "German engineered doors were designed to add European Flair to your home".

“We looked long and hard for a superior interior door system for the Canadian and US market - and we have found it in Lebo. Choices, like lowerable floor seals, frame gaskets, transoms, sidelights and moisture resistant finishes, that have never been available before in interior doors in the Vancouver and US market,” noted Hubert, who is a German, who immigrated to Vancouver, BC, Canada in 1995, and has spent the last 14 years working in the building industry supplying doors and windows to building contractors, interior designers, architects, renovation specialist companies, and home owners all over Europe.

For further information, contact:

Jony Hubert
Modern Interior Door
10151 Amethyst Ave, Richmond, BC, V7A 3A8