New Book Dispels Myths, Addresses Taboos of Muslim Marriage, Love & Sex

A new book focusing on educating Muslims and non-Muslims about issues related to Islam and Muslims, particularly those issues that people are ignorant about, and written by Dr. Zia Sheikh of, is scheduled for release in Early Fall 2014. “The title of this new book will be ‘Addressing the Taboos of Marriage, Love and Sex in Islam’,” said Dr. Sheikh, who previously published ‘Islam: Silencing the Critics’, a ground-breaking book about the top objections, accusations, and questions directed at the Islamic faith. ‘Addressing the Taboos of Marriage, Love and Sex in Islam’, is simply a book that appeals to both Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Besides, it promises to be an authoritative source or “go-to” book that not only effectively dispels myths and taboos, but a stout defender of Islam and its way of life. “If you are curiously interested in learning about Islam and discovering what it is to become a practicing Muslim from a reputable source, you need to get my books: ‘Addressing the Taboos of Marriage, Love and Sex in Islam’ and ‘Islam: Silencing the Critics’,” noted Dr. Sheikh. In case of non-Muslims readers, the author said they would be getting their information from a reputable person, not a hidden face behind a blog. For Muslims, who are sometimes victims to their own cultures, ‘Addressing the Taboos of Marriage, Love and Sex in Islam’ will be a revelation of what is the true Islam. ABOUT AUTHOR DR. ZIA SHEIKH Imam Zia was born in Azad Kashmir, a beautiful mountainous region between India and Pakistan. He immigrated to England at the age of four, where he was engaged in regular education until the age of thirteen. He then enrolled in a full-time Islamic theology program at the Institute of Islamic Education, where he completed his memorization of the Quran, in addition to an Islamic Theology course, which spanned a total of twelve years of study. He memorized the Quran, and at the age of sixteen, he started an Islamic Theology course, which consisted of Arabic Syntax, Etymology and Grammar, Logic, Quranic Exegesis, Hadith Exegesis, Comparative Religions, Islamic Jurisprudence of the four main schools of thought, Foundations of Jurisprudence, Quran and Hadith, and other subjects. After extensive studying for approximately twelve years, he graduated in 1994 with a Masters in Islamic Theology. He has completed his PhD thesis with the Graduate Theological Foundation. He is a founding member of the North Texas Islamic Council, an umbrella organization representing Islamic Organizations in the North Texas Area. He is actively involved in Interfaith, Outreach and Dawah work, working hard to unite various faith groups in an effort to create peace and harmony between religions. For further information, contact:Pone: 469.274.8748    Email: imamzia@aol.com4707 Almeria Court Irving Texas