New Orleans Mom, Public School Teacher Out of Options as Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana Rejects Her Claim!

Catherina Graber, a New Orleans, LA mom and public school teacher diagnosed with Grade II, Astrocytoma in 2009, has run out of health care options after health insurance rejects her care insurance claim. “Considering that the cancer is located in the brain, time may not be on our side,” appealed Brian, who is expected to come up with around $90,000 out-of-pocket. “If you can find it in your heart to donate, please do. If you're a praying person, please pray. We need a miracle” appealed Brian. In their appeal for public support, the Grabers are pinning their meager hope on members of the public or some good Samaritan to help them raise $90K, which is just to handle the medical procedure for her brain tumor. Catherina, mother of three and public school teacher, was diagnosed with grade II, Astrocytoma / Oligodendrogliomain Brain tumor in her frontal right lobe in 2009. Since that time, she has had two craniotomies to remove brain tumors. “As a next step, her neurologist has recommended that she undergo a procedure called proton beam radiation, which is very effective in brain cancer patients,” said Brian, who added Catherina badly needs money to help her to cover current medical costs since their insurance provider, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana, has denied their medical claim. Carin, as her husband affectionately calls her, needs immediate assistance, as according to her husband, Brian, she should have begun receiving radiation weeks ago. Catherina’s medical condition was recently brought to national attention by LaMiskey Dillon, a native herself of New Orleans, LA, a city she claimed, “loves taking care of its own, and this is why I brought Catherina’s medical situation to the fore after an uncaring national healthcare insurance company denied her health insurance claims.” Dillon, who is working behalf Graber (Brian has been her music teacher when she was in high school some 12 years ago), believes the insurance company’s decision to deny the couple’s insurance claims, is unpatriotic, uncaring and downright unfeeling. “The Grabers are a nice couple, very humbly and among the most ardent patriotic citizens of the United States of America, and now that they have fallen on hard times, their insurance company has refused to honor their medical insurance claims,” noted Dillon. “As a result, Brian has no other options other than to reach out the public for financial and or donations for his wife’s (Catherina “Carin” Graber) medical condition,” added Dillon. In their effort at seeking treatment for Catherina, the couple had to move to Houston, TX, where she was to begin this process. However, after moving, it was revealed to them that her insurance company (Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana) denied coverage of these treatments. “We are now left waiting on their decision with very little hope,” said Brian, who is not sure when or if the treatment will be approved, they may be in for a very long appeal process. ABOUT BRIAN AND CATHERINA GRABER Brian and Catherina have three children age 22 Amber, 19 Daniel, 17 Evan. Amber just graduated college, Daniel is in college, Evan is a senior in high school. Catherina is a public school teacher. Brian Graber was also a public school music teacher for gifted students. He is also a member of the Boogiemen Group, is a freelance musician having played with greats like George Porter and Russell Batiste. For further information, contact: Brian Graber, phone: 504-453-549, email:, Website: