5 Marketing Ideas for Your Food Catering Business!

Here are five great ideas you can use to market/promote your business

1. Have a Great Logo
People might love great food, but they remember a great logo because it becomes associated with your great food. Your logo should fully communicate everything that you do visually, yet still have a basic message that communicates your value.

2. Have a Responsive Website
A lot of people today don’t have time to call in an order for your catering, but they could make a few moments to book you through your responsive website. A good user experience with the ability to book your services is an essential part of any modern successful scenario.

3. Get the Media Involved
Invest some time in creating quality press releases that can be distributed to the local media. The obvious place for this is for your grand opening, but a good PR can help get exposure for a menu change, new recipes, or even awards that your food might have won.

4. Word of Mouth Is Important
Tell everyone that you know about your catering business, even those who are just casual acquaintances. More people equates to more opportunities for word-of-mouth referrals and that often leads to an increased level of bookings.

5. Create a Great Email Campaign
Email marketing for a catering business is a gold mine that is just waiting to happen because you’ve got so many options available to you. You can share cooking tips. You can put together recipes for people to try on their own. You can offer exclusive discounts. There is so much value that you can provide people for a very small time investment that you can quickly build a level of expertise that will not be matched by other organizations.

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