Palm Oil Ingredient To Be Phased Out By Sun Grown Soaps!

Responding to environmental concerns and keeping in line with its own environmental policies, Sun Grown Soaps, LLC today has decided to go completely palm oil free. Palm oil is controversial due to its environmental impacts and links to human rights abuses. Owner-Manager David Smith, who today made the announcement, said there would be an immediate phase-out of using palm oil as an ingredient in our soaps. “The company is moving towards a complete phase-out of palm oil immediately,” said Smith. Palm oil is an oil used in food, fuels, cosmetics and soaps. Noting that their last bulk oil order did not include any palm or palm kernel oil, Smith pointed out that was an irrevocable decision that indicates they have put measures in place to discontinue using undocumented and questionable “sustainably sourced” palm oils in the making of their soaps. Sun Grown Soaps, LLC has for years used palm oil as the primary hardening agent in the making of bar soaps, and, which complements the lathering effects of their other oils, such as olive and coconut. “When Sun Grown Soaps first started in the business of manufacturing soap, we explored the controversies surrounding palm oil. At the time, we were satisfied that the groups responsible for making sure that palm oil was being grown, harvested and processed in a sustainable manor were effective,” said Smith, a master soap maker. Even though there are two main types of this oil available today, Smith said they were essentially the same. Where the difference lies, however, is whether both oils were sustainably sourced, besides their supplies were not forthcoming with any documentary evidence. The palm oil the company receives from its suppliers has always been labeled as being “sustainably sourced". However, when asked for some sort of documentary evidence by way of certification, their suppliers could not provide any proof to support the claims of their “sustainable sourced” labels. In today’s world, where people are more environmentally conscious, once someone learns the true impact of palm oil and its devastating effects on the environment and animals, primates, such a person will look for more environmentally sustainable alternatives. “To be perfectly honest, the decision to go palm oil free was not as easy as people might think. We spent years perfecting our product with palm oil as a primary ingredient. However, once we had a full understanding of the supply certification issues involving ‘sustainable sourced' palm oil and a deeper understanding of the controversies surrounding palm oil, the decision then became clear to us. We knew what we had to do,” explained Smith, who created Sun Grown Soaps as a responsible company, powered solely by solar energy and a sustainable environmental policy. ABOUT SUN GROWN SOAPS, LLC We’re a company that is truly dedicated to chemical-free soaps made from so many things grown under the sun. Unlike many other soap companies, especially major commercial companies, we’re committed to using only natural ingredients and essential oils that keep skin feeling happy and healthy.   For further information, please contact: David Smith Owner/Manager/Master Soap Maker Phone: 520-616-9033 Email:   -END-