A New Era of Registered Massage Therapy!

Canada’s largest premium provider of same-day evidence informed Registered Massage Therapy services, painPRO Therapeutics, today reveal that its newly created integrated website and a state of the art medical software are on schedule to be officially launched September 2014. According to CEO Michael Desrochers, the new website is being designed to facilitate same day Registered Massage Therapy appointments through real-time online booking at any of their four clinics. “We’ll be introducing a new state-of-the-art, safe, and secure medical software platform that allows patients to visit any of our clinics and any of our Registered Massage Therapists, thus ensuring their medical information is available wherever they need it,” said Desrochers, who heads a growing family of massage therapy clinics focused on evidence-informed, clinical treatments. The company currently does over 2,500 massage therapy treatments monthly throughout its four Vancouver area locations. painPRO, which is structuring itself for continued growth with the launch of its new website and software, plans on adding new locations in British Columbia over the next year. Chronic Pain in BC Committed to serving anyone who struggles with short-term or chronic long term musculoskeletal pain, painPRO and its team of highly trained Registered Massage Therapists are dedicated to providing immediate help for people suffering through pain. The painPRO Clinics’ spokesperson noted that currently in British Columbia, one-in-five people struggle to find solutions for their chronic pain. “painPRO’s clinics are dedicated to creating public awareness that Massage Therapy is far more than just relaxation,” added Desrochers, “-and our new online platform will make access to treatment more readily available for people who need relief now.” Since 2002, Desrochers has focused his attention on developing a quality brand in the Registered Massage Therapy industry. Their RMTs are trained to relieve soft-tissue pain resulting from a variety of conditions: Auto-Work-Sports Injury,Repetitive Strain, Surgical Procedures,Life Stress,Emotional Unrest, and Postural Imbalances are just a few. Pain doesn’t wait… Why should you?