AcclaimPR.Com Introduces “New Client Press Release Writing Package” Services!

Hagerstown, MD’s leading small-to-medium-size businesses public relations provider, AcclaimPR.Com, is now offering “NEW "CLIENT PRESS RELEASE PACKAGE" – inclusive of copy writing, SEO optimization, and distribution. “Order three press releases, releases, pay only for two, with three-keyword insertions included, plus complimentary free distribution of your press releases via our news blog, THE BUSINESS BEAST, TWITTER and FACEBOOK for a total cost of US$75. You only pay the price of 2 for only $50,” said Delroy A. Whyte-Hall, PR strategist and writer at AcclaimPR.Com. According to Whyte-Hall, described as the “Ultimate Press Release Writer”, their normal pay-as-you-go pricing is US$25 each, so this is the best way for a new client to save money. The catch is that all three must be for the same business, and must be scheduled for distribution. “On placing your order, please CLICK HERE to download, complete and return the Press Release Interview Questionnaire via email Thereafter, we’ll deliver you a killer press release, designed to boost sales, build credibility, and create low-cost, high-impact presence for your business,” said Whyte-Hall. Call or email now to get started at 240-707-0769 / About AcclaimPR.Com AcclaimPR.Com a top internet-based small business public relations consultancy headed by Delroy A. Whyte-Hall, a former mulch-award-winning newspaper journalist/editor. The consultancy’s specializes in helping businesses boost sales, build credibility and create low-cost, high-impact presence using PR and social media methods. Most importantly, it has a history of providing quality PR/publicity projects and press release writing services. AcclaimPR.Com is located online at For more information, visit: AcclaimPR.Com’s 24-hour turn-around-time quality, newsworthy press release writing services at Media Relations Contact: Delroy A. Whyte-Hall AcclaimPR.Com Email: Web: