ECINCORP & BOAT ONLINE STORE forges Dropshipment Partnership Agreement

A partnership agreement creating the first ever a network of an online boat store was today announced between ECINCORP and BOAT ONLINE STORE.

“This is the first network of boat online stores in partnership with the largest boat parts manufacturers in Europe,” said Luis Souto, CEO at ECINCORP, a multilingual eCommerce investments company located in Europe, United States, and Latin America.

According to the ECINCROP spokesperson, they were able to close the deal THE BOAT ONLINE STORE in Europe to create a network of boat online stores in Europe that involves dropshipping in partnership with manufacturers. This means ECINCORP will create a network of boat online stores, a boat online store in each European country as a main store for every country.

“We also have created THE BOAT ONLINE STORE Dropshipping Franchise to expand fast the business system and create also a boat online store in each city in partnership with local entrepreneurs in every city of every European country with business opporttunities,” noted Souto.

In order to manage the network of boat online stores, ECINCROP will be creating a main workplace with a team that will work as “nexus” between the stores and manufacturers.

“The agreement also includes a boat online franchise to offer the business system to other entrepreneurs,” added Souto.

As a global network of eCommerce agencies, ECINCORP provides eCommerce development expertise in the United States, Canada, Latin America and the European countries as the Internet partners of local companies worldwide that want to have their physical business also on the Internet.

FIRST BOAT ONLINE STORE, on the other hand, is an European company offering a wide range of marine parts and boating accessories from renowned manufacturers’ at most competitive prices.

“A leader in providing the widest catalogue of boat accessories at the most effective prices directly shipped from high-quality manufacturers and wholesaler warehouses, we are privileged to be in partnership with ECINCORP,” said a BOAT ONLINE STORE spokesperson.

“As a company that provides premium quality equipment and supplies for boating, marine, and industrial applications all through the European Union, assures our customers that in joining forces with ECINCORP, they would better be able to conform with all the European legislation on electronic commerce as it relates to drop-shipment,” added the BOAT ONLINE STORE spokesperson.

Boat Online Store, which collaborates with renowned manufacturers of shipping and marine accessories from across the globe via our drop-shipping program. Therefore, the partnership with ECINCORP is yet another move to get the biggest and best manufacturers of boating accessories in Europe.

“We receive the orders, manage supplies and logistics and ensure that the right manufacturer or wholesaler ships the correct product to the address of the customer in an effective and efficient manner, thereby allowing the customers to get access to quality products at the most affordable prices. This is where ECINCORP comes into play. Their provision of e-commerce development expertise in the United States, Canada, Latin America and the European Countries as the Internet partners of local companies worldwide helps us established a physical business presence on the Internet,” explained the BOAT ONLINE STORE spokesperson.

For further information, please contact:

Luis Souto

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