Organic Gemini Introduces New Energy Drink That Simultaneously Hydrates And Energizes The Body Naturally!

A new energy drink combining organic coconut water with extract of the Brazilian Guaraná plant and guarantees consumers, it can simultaneously hydrate and energizes the body in a completely natural way today has been released by Organic Gemini, the Brooklyn-based maker of healthful beverages and snacks. “This new drink is Guaraná Energy, and is specifically created for the health-conscious consumer who wants an energy drink to keep them going throughout the day,” said Mariam Kinkladze, CEO, Organic Gemini. The Guaraná Energy drink is now available online at “This is unlike any other energy drink you will find on the market today. What other energy drink, other than the Guaraná Energy, can you find on the market that effectively combines organic coconut water with extract of the Brazilian Guaraná plant that results in a most satisfying drink that hydrates and energizes the body in the most completely natural way,” added George Papanastasatos COO. According to the new Guaraná energy drink spokesperson, it is natural for active people turn to energy drinks to keep them going throughout the day. However, energy drinks in general are loaded with sugar and artificial additives, and though they boost energy levels, the spokesperson said their health value is questionable. This is not so with the new ‘Guaraná Energy” drink, according to the spokesperson, as it brinks a new paradigm shift in the energy drink marketplace. “‘The ‘Guaraná Energy” drink is 100 percent organic and consists of two simple ingredients: young coconut water and Guaraná extract,” assured the spokesperson. “Having combined the Brazilian Guaraná plant with coconut water, which is sufficiently known to hydrate the body, the new ‘Guaraná Energy drink delivers five essential electrolytes that are important for people who work hard and who may not even realize how dehydrated their body has become,” noted the source. With regard to the human brain, which consists of 85 per cent water, the spokesperson argues that when someone is not sufficiently rehydrated, it not only affects their body, but their brain becomes stressed, and this can have a negative impact on one’s quality of life. “The bottom line is that no other product is on the market sufficiently rehydrates the complete body like ‘Guaraná Energy’ does,” assured Mariam Kinkladze. The Guaraná Energy drink is available on and in local natural food stores. For further information, please contact Organic Gemini office at 347-662-2900 or visit their site at