Loni M Designs Opens New Online Furniture Store!

Social Media Top Team, one of the foremost respected consulting firms helping business owners grow their business to the next level by leveraging online video marketing, social media and unconventional marketing strategies, has announced one of its latest creations, the new Loni M Designs online furniture store front.Socal Media Top Team Logo

LoniMDesigns.com showcases amazing functionality and automation usually common in $30,000 to $50,000 websites yet the investment was under $7,000 for the new owners. It functions in an almost entirely way minimizing the daily workload of the website owners. From automated delivery of their online coupon codes to online sales events and even an affiliate program designed to enable other websites to be able to sell their furniture; this website features cutting edge technology and design priced in a way to maximize the owners ROI.

Loni M designs has come a long way, from originally designing and manufacturing custom pillows only to the full collection of sofas, chairs, ottomans, chaise lounges, benches and headboards. To help the progression along, Social Media Top Team has designed a website that takes this client’s custom designed and built furniture business into the 21st Century.

Having been in the clothing fashion industry for some 21 years, Loni M recently decided to turn their talents to custom designed furniture. Their furniture is all custom-made and has very prolific designs, which is already being sold nationally by major online retailers. What Social Media Top Team has done is simply take all that and designed a website Loni M, so that they could have their own online retail business in addition to their manufacturing division.

“They’ve already been flooded with news orders,” said Harrison of the Loni M Designs online furniture store that also comes complete with an affiliate program that will allow other online entrepreneurs to sell the company’s products on their own website.

“The Loni M Designs website, which has functionality similar to Amazon.com, earns a significant part of its business via e-commerce, retailers and high-end interior designers,” added Harrison, whose company can design a website like this for under $6,000 that anywhere else would be $10,000 – $20,000 or more.

The spokesperson believes http://www.LoniMDesigns.com now has a very well branded look and feel and is designed to showcase its unique furniture designs targeted at business owners who may want a custom website design or people interested in getting an eCommerce website.

Social Media Top Team, which has over 30 years experience in website design and graphic design and has won the 2013 creative design award and the 2013 outsourcing achievement award, is one of the foremost respected consulting firms helping business owners grow their business. Known for making powerful business growth strategies accessible to thousands of business owners who otherwise would not have the knowledge to use them. They are passionate about creating RAVING FANS out of their clients by measuring their success based on clients’ success. Their one aim is to take clients to the next level by leveraging online video marketing, social media and unconventional marketing strategies.

Loni M designs has come a long way, from originally designing and manufacturing custom pillows only. They have added a full collection, sofas, chairs, ottomans, chaise lounges, benches and headboards. All manufacturing and distribution is done in the U.S.A., out of a 300,000 sq. ft. facility for 25 plus years in Los Angeles, Ca. furniture district. A significant part of our business is via e-commerce websites, retailers and high-end interior designers. They drop ship all over the U.S.

Within the home furnishings industry, Loni M Designs is noted for its keen sense of style, colors, fabric selections and artisanship. They have maintained their focus on developing strong partnerships with the e-commerce website, multi-unit chain stores and interior designers. Providing quality products at the right price points insures growth in their businesses. Their head designer, Sheila G’s extensive background in the fashion industry, influences Loni M Designs, and she’s committed to creativity and staying true to the cycle of change in home furnishing. Her knowledge and expertise in the fashion industry for 21 years allows her to bring the cutting edge of the runways in the home furnishing industry. Sheila has an extensive background in manufacturing, design, merchandising, dye techniques, screen-printing and textiles. She likes to say, “When your environment is pleasing to the eye it soothes and calms the soul,” and it is for that reason she designs to make the client’s home a unique place that expresses a sense of style and personality.

To accentuate the appeal of our collection, Loni M designs features some traditional pieces as well as contemporary and mid-century modern styles. Their attention to lifestyle trends, fabrics and colors allows them to provide home furnishings to their clients that provide comfort, style and quality. Their factory turns a product around in 3 to 4 weeks from start to finish. They have achieved the unique distinction of combining quality, trend and artisanship in their collection.

For further information, please visit the following websites:

Melinda Harrison
Business Development Executive
Phone: (855)686-7832
Email: info@socialmediatopteam.com
Website: www.SocialMediaTopTeam.com

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