Albany Business Services, LLC Announces New Website!

Albany Business Services, LLC, a Baltimore, MD-based IT and business management provider offering low-cost business investment packages to small businesses worldwide, today announced the launch of its new website,   “We are very excited about the capability of our new website which provide cost-effective IT management and marketing services our four categories of clients can investigate, explore, and experience the array of internet and marketing options available to them in a 21st century global economy,” said Johnny Hunt, Founder and Marketing Senior Vice President, Albany Business Services, LLC. The four categories of clients the Albany Business Services, LLC website serve include the following:
  • Enterprise Organisations: Generally large organizations with 500 or more employees with vast viewer service needs, usually spanning multiple locations and service areas. Enterprise audiences included corporations, government agencies, utilities, non-profit organizations and educational institutions.
  • Small-To-Medium Sized Businesses: Businesses with fewer than 500 employees.
  • Service Providers: Organizations providing professional entertainment media to businesses and audiences. Often referred to as business-to-business or “B2B”. They include Regional, National, and Metropolitan organizations.
  • Individuals: Individuals of all demographics and geographies.
“In fact, we cater to any category of business ranging from barbershop to electrical contractors, funeral Homes to catering to churches… you name the business, and we have a solution for it,” said Hunt. Among the services persons will be able to access from the company include website design, hosting and protection, website analysis, search engine optimization and visibility, social media marketing, advertising and marketing strategies, email marketing, and business name registration. “If your dream is to be a successful entrepreneur or you want to take your existing business to the next level why not start with the best low-cost Internet services that will get your business headed in a positive direction. The minute you make the decision and take action is the minute you change your life. And with us by your side providing 24/7 customer service for worldwide internet services website with excellent services and affordable pricing, you just can’t go wrong,” added Hunt, who is leveraging their corporate brand, and people assets as a means of helping small businesses pursue their immense growth potential. As a company, which recognizes the potential of the interactive audience market, Albany Business Services, LLC, in the brainchild of its founder’s dream to help entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs to become successful. Admitting to enjoying the satisfaction that comes from selfishly helping others make the impossible possible and realizing that the sky is the limit, Hunt's advice to fellow entrepreneurs is this: “Don't be afraid of change because change is good when your attitude is great.” Referencing the times life threw him some serious curves, which still occasionally happens, but he was able to step up, and knock them out of the park and persevere. Hunt, who loves to empower people by giving them the education, support and resources needed to build their future as successful entrepreneurs, says Albany Business Services, LLC “is here to nurture people and their business so both can grow to unimaginable heights”. “There is one thing that I truly believe and it is that great things happen in the world when we help people,” said Hunt. For further information, about Albany Business Services new website and the range of IT management and marketing services offered, contact: Johnny Hunt, Founder/Marketing Senior VP, Phone: 443-801-3824, E-mail:, or visit the company's website at