McKenzie’s Diaper Bakery Brings Diaper Cakes To Atlanta

(Atlanta, GA, February 12, 2014) When it comes to baby events, tiered cakes and cupcakes are old news.  They are delicious, but the cakes are too cliché.  A new type of cake is hitting the market, but it isn’t an edible cake.  McKenzie’s Diaper Bakery was founded to provide expectant mothers with top class diaper cakes and treats.  Diaper cakes are growing in popularity recently as a gift for new parents and are often used as baby shower décor.   They are practical and appreciated by soon-to-be parents who will be changing diapers multiple times a day. Based out of Atlanta, Georgia, a city that is rapidly growing in population, McKenzie’s Diaper Bakery provides expectant parents in Atlanta with a fun treat.  The cakes are all themed or named after desserts.  Customized cakes are also available.  Their specialty is making diaper cakes to represent whatever your mind can imagine.  McKenzie’s makes “fresh” diaper cakes upon order rather than sending out pre-made ones.  Nearly all competitors are based online and can only ship orders.  However, McKenzie's offers delivery and shipping options to assure customers enjoy convenience, ease, and reliability.  McKenzie’s Diaper Bakery makes "gluten free" organic and cloth diaper cakes, catering to mothers of all lifestyles.  The brand has been seen in numerous blogs, publications, events, and promotional sites building notoriety for its hand crafted adorable baby gifts during it's short period of operation thus far. Keiya Huguley, a young minority entrepreneur from Atlanta, GA, started McKenzie’s Diaper Bakery in 2013.  Along with her recent partner Kym Shelly, who is also a young minority mother of two. These two have pioneered the diaper cake market in Atlanta and are proving that they can deliver exactly what new parents want and need.  Keiya is under 30 years old and left a job in Human Resources to start the "bakery".  She is dedicated to taking her business to a whole new level, along with her team of dedicated employees.  The business is active on Facebook, Twitter and other social media gaining many fans of their work within a short period of time.  Keiya plans to take the baby industry by storm and continue to create diaper cakes and other miscellaneous baby items.  Look out for this young entrepreneur! She plans to open a diaper cake bakery soon in Atlanta, GA which will initially dominate the diaper cake industry in Atlanta. For more information, visit