Health Triangle Magazine Latest Issue Explores ‘The Miracle of Magnesium’ & Discusses the ‘How’ & ‘Why’!

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The newest edition of the free monthly digital health and wellness online magazine, Health Triangle Magazine, has been released, and is now available for free download at

In this latest issue, there is a diverse range of topics to interest a wide-ranging audience. Besides Dr. Hilary Jones answers to a listener question on Erectile Dysfunction, there are some extremely useful and interesting reads.

As the UK’s bright new monthly health and wellness digital magazine produced by UK Health Radio, Health Triangle Magazine is an online publication that reflects the notion that the maintenance and promotion of health is achieved through different combinations of physical, mental, and social well-being.

“The aim of the publication, however, is help online readers make the change they wish in their lives,” says John Hicks, who is Station Director of UK Health Radio Network, which is the parent company of the popular online publication, Health Triangle Magazine.

Among the contributors this month are Dr Hilary Jones, Stella Kazasis, Ann Maxwell, Reg Starkey, Andrea Morrison, Elizabeth Montgomery, Helen Brister, and John Hicks.

Stella Kazasis explores ‘the miracle of magnesium’ and discusses the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of ensuring we have optimum levels. Interestingly, Stella also details which particular elements in one’s diet will deplete levels of this essential mineral.

Ann Maxwell, a recent guest interviewee with John Hicks the popular Health Kicks Show, is the driving force behind The Muir Maxwell Trust that last year celebrated its 10th anniversary. The Trust has made a real difference to help people living with epilepsy and Health Triangle Magazine was delighted to celebrate Ann’s wonderful work.

Reg Starkey ‘waxes lyrical’ about a book he reviewed. “The Examined Life” by Stephen Groz was fascinating from start to finish!

Andrea Morrison, another recent interviewee of the Health Kicks Show, who attracted a lot of interest from listeners, speaks about her new book, “Feel Good Factor in 30 days”. She says in are information that has the power to help us change our lives for the better. By the way, Andrea is serialising essential extracts from her book every day in March on UK Health Radio!

Elizabeth Montgomery, who brought the Magazine editorial team to a halt with her article, “Don’t add fruit to your morning porridge,” talks of adding fruit to porridge was a healthy food option. She lists this as one of her top five faulty food combinations.

With mental health being high on everyone’s agenda, Helen Brister gives us a fascinating insight into the alarming statistic that one in four children have mental health issues. Helen calls for change and makes a plea that we should make it happen NOW!

John Hicks talks about weight management – a subject very close to his heart. He reveals research by Naked Wholefoods that warns that friends and family can undermine our weight reduction ambitions. He also reveals a product, The Diet Plate, which is an affordable weight management system. John also explores the reason papaya extract is a natural, and effective, help.

Amanda Thomas, News Editor of UK Health Radio, bringing up the rear, continues her fascinating series called “Medical Marvels” by examining microscopic goings on!

Rounding out the publication is recognition of David Lloyd Leisure Group’s contribution to the success of Sport Relief 2014.


The Health Triangle Magazine, which is published by UK Health Radio Network, is the UK’s bright new monthly health and wellness digital magazine – available to download or read online. Its mission is to improve the quality of life of people across the globe by providing health and wellness information through an online publication, allowing professionals to share best practice, their expertise and passion and for suppliers to showcase their products and services. It is now available on iPads to view.


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