M1T and Mind Over Media Group Seeds Micro-budget Film Stuido

NEW YORK, NY – February 6, 2014 - M1T, an American business focused on creating significant opportunities for young filmmakers in need of exposure in the Media and Film Industry, has finalized their partnership with Fresh Start Film (FSF) studios, a subsidiary to Mind Over Media Group.  Led by CEO Karl Bardosh and Executive Director Nick Schlatmann, Fresh Start Films is the first and only studio in the world that systematically searches out the most promising graduates of America’s best film schools and offers them a chance to make their first feature films. M1T’s partnership with Mind Over Media Group showcases a collaborative management structure in developing emerging artists and content creation. “The idea stemmed from the ‘diamond-in-the-rough’ belief that amidst an artist depiction of his core creation could be a film revolution or possibly the summer blockbuster hit.  In some cases, productions cost nothing, only the artist’s time to create. Now due to advancements in technology and just a little guidance you can create your very own cinematic adventure on your mobile device,’” Says Anthony Gude Executive Director M1T. With over 30 years of professional experience in all genres of film and television in New York, Hollywood, Asia, and Brazil, NYU Professor Karl Bardosh is an award-winning director, producer, feature story editor, and writer of shorts, television series, and documentaries. “This project grew out of my 2009 summer course at Chapman University: ‘No Excuse Cinema’ - Artistic Masterpieces and Commercial Breakthroughs on Shoe-String Budgets,” says Bardosh.  “I had developed 10 low-budget first feature film treatments with graduating students; more than half of the feature treatments were good enough to be considered for production.” Together, Bardosh and Schlatmann plan on establishing a film studio that would network with the critically acclaimed film schools such as NYU, Columbia, USC, AFI, Chapman, UCLA, and get students’ “first features” produced with low-budget (production) funds.  These low-budget features would provide the investors with a certain hedge against risk in film production by spreading this low investment over a group of films. With the task of discovering raw talent from America’s best film schools, Mind Over Media Group, is notably different from Paramount’s micro-budget approach.  “Because of technology and changes to the industry, a new model had to be adopted,” says Schlatmann.  “Emerging markets have opened for business and the demand for content is greater than ever before.  We have looked to a structure to incubate the emerging talent and compete with the major studios on a micro level.  It’s anyone’s game in this fresh new landscape.” NYU Microbudget Studio - During the upcoming Fall 2013 academic semester, Professor Karl Bardosh currently has 12 projects to be produced by students pending their graduation from NYU; every project’s budget is below $100,000.  In addition, Professor Bardosh has also raised distribution interest towards these projects, both domestic and international.  The school would be willing to provide all below-the-line costs for graduating students; and we only need to come up with the above-the-line items for these “first features” by talented, fresh graduates. About Mind Over Media Group, LLC Mind Over Media Group, (MOMG) a New York City based Media Conglomerate, is the parent company of several media subsidiaries working in the music, film, and modeling industries. Headed by CEO, Nick Schlatmann, Mind Over Media Group has followed in the blueprints of iconic companies such as Disney & Universal, in successfully launching a record label division, talent management & booking division, and film studio division, all of which complement each other to form a powerhouse media conglomerate. For more information visit, www.MindoverMediagroup.com Fresh Start Films Fresh Start Films is the first and only Studio in the world that systematically searches out the most promising graduates of America’s best film schools and offers them a chance to make their first micro-budget feature film(s).  Fresh Start Films delivers comprehensive Production services for all films produced, as well as marketing and distribution. (This poses a unique benefit to society, which is why productions are backed by tax incentives and rebates, therefore investments in target productions are offset by as much as 70% of the budget.) About M1T M1t the Company is the first to pioneer the growth culture of Modern Industrialism, M1T is a first class diversified American business headquartered in New York's financial district. Founded on the principles of social collaboration, positive impact, and organic enterprise development, M1T strives to become a significant contributor to the American supply chain by leveraging science and technology, financial strategy, and business innovation. From inception, M1T the Company and M1T Capital Partners LP have sponsored, developed and restored US companies focused on critical domestic industries such as media, technology, healthcare, energy, finance, defense, and hospitality. The M1T initiative 'Our Vision, Our Future' reflects M1T's commitment to press on the ideology of Modern Industrialism and make the future we look forward to, a reality today. For more information, visit www.m1tinvest.com