New Book To Financial Freedom, Beauty & Confidence After Childbirth Released!

A new book, titled “Women, Motherhood & Independence: A Guide to Financial Freedom, Beauty and Confidence after Childbirth”, today has been released by inspirational speaker and author, Penelope Magoulianiti. The book, translated also in Greek and released in conjunction with the website, is simply a guide with proven principles and techniques. Meanwhile, the site acts a resource center where readers have access to weekly content basis on subjects related to the book. Aimed at mothers and mothers-to-be, “Women, Motherhood & Independence: A Guide to Financial Freedom, Beauty and Confidence after Childbirth” was written expressly to helping them to find the balance between work and family life while still pursuing their dreams and ambitions. “The book describes proven principles and techniques on how to become more confident, how to regain your figure after childbirth, how to find time for yourself to relax and re-energize,” says Penelope, an ex-corporate executive, wife and mother of two – I am all too aware of the pressures and demands placed on Mothers. “It also shows people how to decide on their passion and pursue their dreams, how to enjoy family life more without having to compromise on their dreams, how to find the right balance between work and family and still be able to have a successful career, and run a successful business,” adds Penelope. According to Nik Halik author of The Thrillionaire, World's #1, 7 Day Weekend Lifestyle Strategist, a strong believer that we all came to this world to make a difference, in support of Penelope’s book, believes “Motherhood is an amazing gift and it should be celebrated every day. With this book Penelope shows you the way of doing just that!” Endorsing what Halik says, Pavlina Papalouka, an Entrepreneur, argues that “Women today are called to be perfect in everything: have a successful career, be great wives, role model mothers, be financially independent and look fabulous while doing all that. Occasionally, you meet one of those women who seem to have it all going for them and you wonder how they do it! Penelope is one of them and in her book Women, Motherhood and Independence; she will show you how you too can have it all without compromising your dreams.” Through her book, website and related services, Penelope offers straight-up advice, techniques and principles for mothers covering confidence, health, beauty and financial independence. Achieving financial freedom is almost everyone’s dream, and according to Penelope, that is what her book, “Women, Motherhood & Independence: A Guide to Financial Freedom, Beauty and Confidence after Childbirth”, aims to achieve for those who dare to read it. For further information about the book and the various bonuses and giveaways associated with it, contact: Penelope Magoulianiti, Author, Inspirational Speaker, +442032876837,, or visit the website: