5 Signs You Should Avoid Publicity Like The Plague!

I would like to go officially on record and state that some business people should not be allowed to carry out a publicity campaign and are best left to buy advertising. Better yet, just simply put up a sign that you are in business and leave it at that. These people fall under the heading of irresponsible. There are indicators, however, that even genuinely smart, well-informed business owners should be wary of when deciding whether to mount a publicity campaign. Here are five indicators pointing out why you should void publicity like the plague: 1. The “Free Publicity” Seeker "I want free publicity." If this is your sole reason for carrying out a publicity campaign and you honestly will not have the time, dedication, and attention required to carry out the project, then invest in paid advertising. Yes, a well-managed and cared for publicity campaign will give you and your business or event loads of “free” or “earned” publicity. However, your sole purpose should not be just for free publicity. Those of you who manage a business, as long as people are walking through the door and the cash register is ringing, and you do not have to blow your own horn, more power to you. 2. The Slacker "I will only engage in publicity when business is slow, but that's it." Please, oh please, close the door to your business, and go seek employment, or just simply go on retirement if you feel this way. A business needs promotion, and publicity certainly does play an integral role in the promotional mix. It works year-round. Not just when business is slow, and no one is buying your goods and services. Often times problems surface only when the business is going bust. Therefore, if mounting a publicity campaign on a regular and/or as-needed basis does not sound like your cup of tea, I say close the damn business. Go hang out on the beach with a glass of “something” and watch the sun sets. 3. The “Bandwagonist” "I just watched my competitor down the road gets featured on television, and now I really want to get my company in the news too." This one just simply galls me. Some of the most successful businesses never wait the see their competitor gets ahead of them in the news. Ask any of the folks who successfully manage a business about how the numbers soared due to the popularity of their “doing good and telling the world about it” in the news. If you eek publicity because it seems "cool" to see your company on television, in the newspapers, or you think it would make a good impression on your clients or competitors, now is the time stop and think. Why not go do some research, first talking to your local publicist, or even your competitors who seem to have well-oiled publicity machines running and take heed to what they have to tell you. Besides, just getting on your computer and finding out what others are doing to get the word out about their business, and take a leaf out of their book, is all you need to really understand the value of “earned” publicity. 4. The Sneaky Boo Boo If you or your boss do not like blowing your horn, it as well you just crawl up under a stone and allow the business to die a slow painful death. If no one sees or hears about you or your business, then no one is going to walk into your business and buy your goods or services. Eventually, someone, somehow, somewhere will be getting ahead of you… all they have got to do is simply climb to the top of the mountain and just keep on shouting about what they’ve got. A city on a hill cannot be hid. It gets noticed, and often visited by those whom it beckons. If not, its certain only one living being or entity will suffer: you or your business. One can only surmise how many business owners waiting for customers across the country to walk into their business because someone found out about them through their publicity effort via the media. Obey that "do good and shout to the world about it" policy, and if you truly desire your business to thrive and succeed, find a way to move and make your publicity campaign happen. Ask a publicist why so most business get busted, and you would be amazed at the number of people who say their businesses died because it didn’t get enough or the required amount of media publicity needed to get the message out to their target audiences. 5. The Busy Body As A Raccoon Proactive publicity is your solution to getting consistent publicity about your business, product, service, or expertise. However, what if you are too busy as a bee doing all the other things necessary to run a successful business, but no time, inclination or budget to mount and carry out a successful the publicity campaign that your business needs? If you are gone a large percentage of the day (or night) due to work (business trips, attending seminars, workshops, etc.), family commitments or otherwise, it is not fair to your business to adding publicity to your marketing arsenal. Because public relations demands you being their (if not delegate someone else to handle the publicity campaign), it thrives with you being available 24-7-365 of the time for the media. Without being there to feed the media beast when its meal time, your publicity campaign will slowly lose its momentum. Now, we both know you should be doing more publicity and we know that the biggest barrier to doing your own publicity is time, but remember doing no publicity can have a negative impact to your bottom line. Therefore, it is time for you to take immediate action because more publicity about you in the media as an expert in your field will increase your bottom line. Need help with your publicity needs?