Kindman Provides Safe Haven for Denver Residents & Visiting Marijuana Users!

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Kindman, one of the nation’s recently licensed recreational dispensary operating in Denver, Colorado, has today promised to continue to be the standard-bearer for marijuana centers throughout the United States of America.

How would they do this?

“By being a good neighbor and community member, and by offering the best possible customer experience while providing the highest quality marijuana,” said a company’s spokesperson.

Whilst claiming to be among the top rated marijuana dispensaries in the nation, Kindman prides itself on its regulatory compliance. According to the spokesperson, “we conform to all of the rules and regulations set forth by the City of Denver and State of Colorado.”

While dozens of municipalities have opted not to allow recreational marijuana sales, and many pot shops are still waiting to finish the licensing process, Denver today has the most licensed stores, to include Kindman, which was established in 2009, but only began selling recreational cannabis in Colorado January 1, 2014.

As one of the legalization advocates in Colorado who argued that marijuana is less dangerous than alcohol and that it makes little sense to regulate one while banning the other, Kindman states up front that only people 21 years and older will be allowed to purchase marijuana from its store.

“Anyone who walks into our store can always expect the highest level of service from the knowledgeable, compassionate and positive Kindman staff,” the spokesperson said.

Even though the company targets primarily American marijuana users, the store’s owners have put out the welcome mat for tourists. “Tourists are welcome,” added the store’s owner.

According to the law, but both Colorado residents and visitors are allowed to possess up to an ounce of pot, though non-residents can buy only a quarter-ounce at a time and no one is permitted to take it out of the state.

However, tourists may have a tougher time finding a place to legally light up, as the law states that marijuana cannot be consumed “openly and publicly,” and Denver officials have made it clear that this includes everything from sidewalks to restaurants to parks to music venues to cars. Hotels can allow up to 25 per cent of their rooms to be smoking-friendly, but the safest place to toke is in a private residence.

As a result, the Kindman operators have assured customers that they are just a dispenser of marijuana, but a responsible provider of an informative, safe and comfortable storefront where customers can not only purchase their cannabis, but learn about its characteristics and medicinal benefits as well.

“This is a historical point in our nation’s history, marking the end of marijuana prohibition. And we have provided patrons a safe, friendly, and legal environment for persons to purchase cannabis products,” assured the source.

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