NeverPayForAutoCare.Com Transit Care Service Inc.’s New Program Promises Unlimited Lifetime Benefits

TRANSITCARE Mobile Auto Service, an Orlando, Florida-based mobile automotive services company providing true convenience for everyone needing auto repair and maintenance services, today has announced the introduction of a uniquely new referral membership program that allows members to share snippets of information it provides to them through their social networks on Facebook, Twitter and/or LinkedIn.

Due to come into effect around January 6, 2014, the new TRANSITCARE Mobile Auto Service membership program also ensures that every person who signs up as a referral remains permanently linked to the person who referred them.

Hector Agosto, President/Chief Operating Officer, explaining the concept behind the new referral program, notes:

“The person who makes the referral will, for life, receive a $5 credit deposited into their account with us every time the person they referred us to uses our service. So, for example, if Delroy Whyte-Hall registers as a member and then refers John Doe, every time John Doe gets an oil change, new brake pads, tune up, tire rotation, etc., Delroy gets a $5 credit. When John Doe uses us for services such as an oil change, tune up and front brake pad change, we’ll deposit a total of $15 into Delroy Whyte-Hall's membership account, which he can use with us for any/all maintenance and/or repair services with us.”

This new unlimited referral program, introduced by TRANSITCARE Mobile Auto Service, according to spokesperson Agosto, means “no limit as to the amount of people that one member can refer.”

The program also comes with unlimited credits to its membership. With the opportunity for a person's credit account to build continuously, Agosto points out that if a person's credit account reaches $5,000, they are totally fine with that.

“That’s the sort of membership activity we look forward to seeing, because it will allow our membership to receive their auto repair and/or maintenance services without pulling out a credit card or cash,” says Agosto.

Their membership program is open to everyone in the United States and Puerto Rico, even though the company presently only services vehicles in Central Florida. However, Agosto says they are looking to spread their wings even further.

“Our company is working on developing a franchise network, which we hope will, within a year or so, will expand to other states. This will mean that a person out of state can still refer others who reside in Central Florida.” notes Agosto.

There is also a new email system in place to update members weekly on the amount of credits earned or used. Additionally, the spokesperson has revealed that the company is currently creating a membership portal that will allow members to login and see how many credits they have earned via the website. In the near future, they will also be creating a mobile phone app.

As a mobile automotive services company that provides true convenience for everyone who needs auto repair and maintenance services, TRANSITCARE Mobile Auto Service caters to a growing corporate and retail customers.

For further information, contact: Hector Agosto, President/Chief Operating Officer, 407-219-3985,, or visit the company’s websites: http://NeverPayForAutoCare.Com,