Donate Your Used Smart Phone, Earn Yourself A Tax Deduction, and Help A Great Cause!

While the festive season is on in earnest, and everyone seems to be celebrating one thing or another, the 911 Cell Phone Bank is giving another reason for people to celebrate by letting them know they can get a last-minute tax deduction by donating a cell phone, smartphone or blackberry they are not using the 911 Cell Phone Bank program. The 911 Cell Phone Bank wants all cell phone users to be aware they now have a place to get rid of something they cannot use by giving it to someone who needs it more. The 911 Cell Phone Bank, provides free emergency cell phones to victims of abuse through their nationwide network of participating law enforcement and affiliated victim services agencies. Sending devices is easy and free for individuals and businesses nationwide. Those who have 10 or less devices to send can simply visit and print a postage paid USPS label with a donation receipt attached. Anyone who has more than 10 devices can contact the 911 Cell Phone Bank to make convenient shipping arrangements. A thank you letter acknowledging the large donation will then be sent to the donor. “You never know when someone in your community will be able to use a donated emergency only phone” said James Mosieur the organizations Director, “Last year Chief John Dondero of the Lower Milford Township Police Department in Coopersburg, PA used phones provided by our program to communicate with emergency services in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.” In response to 911 Cell Phone Bank’s generosity, Chief Dondero said how “grateful” he was for the service the 911 Cell Phone Bank provided his community, and so encouraged “all citizens to support this worthy cause." Since its inception, the 911 Cell Phone Bank has generated hundreds of thousands of dollars and thousands of cell phones for victim services organizations nationwide. For further information about the 911 Cell Phone Bank and its mobile phone donation program, please contact: James Mosieur, Director, 911 Cell Phone Bank, 5854 SE 5th Street, Ocala FL 34472, United States of America 866-290-7864