Takes Culturally Celebrated Photo Sharing To New Heights

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Providing what’s described as the “new dynamic kind of selfie” a mobile  app developed in Amsterdam, Netherlands has upped the ante on photo sharing by way of a new approach offered soon on iTunes, Google Play Store and  

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS (December 13, 2013) – In a marketplace completely inundated with images that communicate far louder than words could ever manage a start-up company based in Amsterdam, Netherlands has raised the bar on getting noticed.  Incorporating ten years’ experience in the online marketplace founder Dennis Albinus introduces the Selphee app, a dynamic approach to picture-taking.  Selphee will launch first on iTunes and then on Google Play Store and give app users a way to capture a picture and a video in one file.  

So how does Selphee work? First a picture is taken and then the app uses its star power to help with the creation of a short video.  Once complete, the Selphee app then combines both the photo and the video into one file.  So, very practically, the recipient of the Selphee will enjoy the picture completely unaware when suddenly it changes into a video.  More fun than ever for users with its dual features the Selphee app is a first of its kind innovation.

Albinus said of what will soon be the latest and greatest trendy app, “With the rise of more and more video sharing we saw the need to simplify the process and give it an added feature.  The fun of the app is that the recipient is caught unaware.”

With the help of local celebrities in Europe, Asia and the United States the free Selphee app is set to corner the market on crazy cool social media sharing.  Selphee will allow photo video sharing via iPhone and Android on Facebook, Twitter, SMS and E-mail as well as Instagram in the coming months.

About is based in Amsterdam, Netherlands and was founded by Dennis Albinus who developed the CPC model for the job market in Europe, which changed 80% of the existing business models for all job boards. Consequently, he was awarded the “Most Innovative Entrepreneur” in the Netherlands in recognition of his development, which is now a gold standard both in Europe and in the United States.   For more information visit To connect on Facebook and Twitter click on and respectively.

For further information, contact: Dennis Albinus Founder, +31 (0) 611 56 82 31