New Extreme Results by Vince App Promotes New, Exciting Fitness Workout for 2014!

Internationally recognized fitness expert Vince Ceniceros, owner of Extreme Results by Vince operating out of Toledo, Ohio, is advising people to stop wasting their time on gym memberships and personal trainers that are not giving them results.

“People in the Toledo and the surrounding area know about they are just wasting their money and their time on useless workouts, but they are just scared to admit it,” says Vince, who today has released a new application that people can use to get updates on new training regime and schedule, including access to promotional specials.

The alternative?

“My results at Extreme are real, no BS to it, and it doesn’t no matter your age, weight or fitness level… everybody gets results,” adds Vince, who is known for his one-of-a-kind fitness classes inclusive of extreme interval and circuit training for all fitness levels and ages, besides there is no weight discrimination or limit.

Vince, who targets people who are sick and tired of not getting the fitness or weight results expected from their at gyms or with their personal trainers, or DVD workouts, says there is nothing in the world like "Our Warm Up, Is There Workout" fitness training program.

“With results are guaranteed after your first workout, you will either coming back for more or you are simply wasting my time and your time because you are simply not ready for change,” notes Vince, who promises some awesome workouts are on track for release in the New Year on the new Extreme Results by Vince app.

Extreme Results by Vince, who has recently launched a unique footprint in the northwest Ohio fitness industry, has been expanding its offering to include Extreme Cardio & Extreme Cycling, complete with a unique look and feel, along with instructors that provide expertise and innovative strategies.

“Persons of all fitness levels, from the casually active to the dedicated fitness individual looking to create their own extreme experience, can now do so without the burden of a ‘contract’. Most importantly, our training is all accessible under one roof,” notes Vince, whose personal story is actually one that is both inspiring and eye opening for those who only know him as the CEO of Extreme Results by Vince and the locally known face and yodeler of the sugar cookie. 

For further information, contact Vince Ceniceros at 419-309-9777,, or visit