New Vaginal Rejuvenation and Wash Gels Release!

Amphamo, a leading nutraceutical company that provides a series of health and beauty products designed to improving the quality of human is life through a proprietary blend of natural sources, has announced the release of two women’s personal care products. The products are Rejuvenation Gel (vaginal tightening gel) and Intimate Wash Gel (hygiene wash). According to the site’s owner, Kenneth, both products are available online and offline. Nothing how overwhelming the demand has been in recent time for women intimate care items, Kenneth says Rejuvenation Gel and Intimate Wash Gel are on a “Special Christmas” promotion. Amphamo, who are also in the process of developing a range of safe and effective health and beauty products, says the Rejuvenation Gel For Woman is an all-natural vaginal tightening gel, proven to reverse the loss of elasticity, while the Intimate Wash Gel For Woman is a premium soap-free wash for a woman’s intimate cleansing needs. “The Rejuvenation Gel for Woman”, according to Kenneth, “helps to restore vaginal elasticity, increase vaginal friction and grip leading to heightened sexual sensation.” It also acts as a lubricant to ease vaginal dryness and pain. Nothing that it comes with antibacterial and antifungal properties, Kenneth says it was designed to make for general vagina health and hygiene use. The other product, Intimate Wash Gel, according to Kenneth, is a carefully formulated herbal formula to refresh gently the external vaginal area. “The gel’s pH is balanced at pH 5.5, thus offering optimum care for the intimate areas of a woman, and it helps to destroy fungal organisms and prevents vaginal infection, irritation, itching, vaginal dryness, yeast infection and unpleasant vaginal odour,” says Kenneth. Kenneth says both products were developed mainly for all women age between 20’s and above, especially for those who are sexually active and experiencing vaginal yeast infection. “Putting out on the market Intimate Wash is our way of helping women keep their vaginal area clean and guard against any sort of infections occurring,” says Kenneth. However, whilst the new Rejuvenation Gel helps tightening up women‘s vagina and encouraging its elasticity, Kenneth says it’s just as easy as ABC - just wash and apply twice a day for a better care. For further information, please visit