New Book Teaches Kids Business Not Taught in School!

Leading online kids business site has today announced the release of a new book that teaches children business. “Teaching Kids Business: Why, What, When, Where, How & Impact” aim to provide parents with resources to teach kids business, help ensure children have the opportunity to learn about business at an early age, and provide life skills education and experience activities not taught in school to prepare kids for business. “Unfortunately business is something we won’t teach our kids in school or publish in books for parents and kids, but this new book creates possibilities,” says Jeff M. Brown, founder of, a social venture providing programming to introduce, prepare and launch kids into business at an early age. was founded in 2000 as a social venture has grown with thousands of pages of programming to teach kids business. Several hundred thousand visitors annually enjoy this free site. “Proceeds from the book sales will also go towards supporting the social cause of teaching kids business,” adds Jeff,  who is a passionate leader in  creating the opportunity to engage children in thinking about, understanding and developing skills for business, and elevating the role of parents in the development of independent and well prepared children. The book, ‘Teaching Kids Business: Why, What, When, Where, How and Impact’ is now available on online bookstores. “A great way of instilling the principles of business and establishing an entrepreneurial mind set in our children is to purchase our book and give it to children for Christmas presents. Now is the time to start the discussion and get kids engaged in learning about and preparing for business. Moreover, what better way to do it than with ‘Teaching Kids Business: Why, What, When, Where, How & Impact’? It’s a known fact business is not taught in school, and according to Jeff book publishers will not support books on teaching kids business. “It is time we make a paradigm shift in our approach to teaching our children about business, it is the most relevant subject we can teach kids,” says Jeff, who recognizes the opportunities for children, parents and business to develop in ways to improve and have a positive impact on society. “I say start at home and start producing more children related books that deals with business matters in a kid friendly way, so as to better prepares our children for success in the business world we are sending them into,” adds Jeff, a social entrepreneur and professional accountant who has a broad base of business and industry experience. “I know kids need to learn about business, parents want their kids to succeed in business and teachers need tools to teach business. Unfortunately teaching kids business is only becoming a social cause and not a mainstream subject or activity. We need to start the discussion #teachingkidsbusiness,” notes Jeff, author of “The Kids’ Guide to Business” (published in North America, Japan, China, Taiwan, India) and “Strategies for Parenting - The Road to Independence”. Noting there are many questions on how to teach kids business that are not being discussed or answered, Jeff believes every child deserves a business education to be prepared to work or buy from a business. “My book (Teaching Kids Business: Why, What, When, Where, How & Impact) will help parents get started,” says Jeff, a pioneer in recognizing the need and developing business programming for children in 2000. For further information, please visit the following website: