HALO Corporate University Offers IT Departments Affordably Priced Training & Certification

We all know when it comes to IT training and certifications, large corporations traditionally have had an advantage over smaller businesses. That tradition has now been broken. Since we already provide online IT training for many Fortune 500 companies through the corporate portal, http://HaloCU.com, we are already well positioned to provide the same service to medium and smaller sized businesses.  HALO is now offering a new opportunity for all companies to get the same training for their IT technicians and engineers by purchasing our training online.  The playing field has finally been leveled so now companies of all sizes can get the same IT training and certification at an affordable price which was once only available to large corporations. How it Works Through HALO Corporate Universities training partnerships, we provide online training and support.  Once you have completed your training, you will receive exam vouchers via email for the training you just completed.  If you were to buy just the exam vouchers for many of the courses HALO provides, the price you would have to pay is roughly equal to the cost for both the Training and the exam vouchers through HALO Corporate University.  Please take this opportunity to take advantage of our volume buying discounts on the exam vouchers. AppIcon76x76@2xSince HALO has a long history of providing CompTIA Training for many of the Fortune 500 companies, rest assured that with HALO that you will get the best training available.  HALO Corporate University offers extensive IT training and the support you need to get certified. Upon certification you will be on your way to advancing at any IT firm. AppIcon76x76@2xCisco training and certification is for network professionals who wish to gain the necessary knowledge to succeed in the field. Cisco certification will set you on the path to success in today’s high-demand world of IT networking. AppIcon76x76@2xYou can also choose Microsoft training in many areas where we offer certification.  Microsoft Inc. is a world leader in the desktop and server environment software market. The HALO Microsoft training and certification program will help you earn one of the most prestigious Microsoft certifications available. With HALO Corporate Universities you can now get the same training and certification that Fortune 500 companies now enjoy and at lower overall cost than most people have become accustomed to paying.  This means HALO’s commitment to providing the market driven and technologically advanced training can level the playing field for your company when it comes to both cost and quality for IT training. It’s easy. With the exam vouchers which are included in the HALO Corporate University course fees, you can schedule exam dates and then use the vouchers to cover the exam fees.  You can now be on your way to a rewarding and better paying career in the IT field with HALO Corporate University. CONTACT INFORMATION: Halo Corporate University 1380 Lead Hill Blvd., Ste. 245 Roseville, CA 95661 Phone: (916) 772-1331 http://halocertificationtraining.com