“Outgoing American Ambassador makes US15,000 donation to PAJ

20131107-200731.jpg Outgoing United States Ambassador Pamela Bridgewater today said farewell to members of the press at a luncheon at the Ambassador’s residence in St. Andrew. Recounting an extremely busy three years of office in Jamaica, the Ambassador thanked the media for its coverage of the United States-supported events which ranged from training seminars, through engagement with communities to cultural exposes. In expressing her appreciation to the Press Corp, Ambassador Bridgewater presented the PAJ with a gift of US$15,000 in support of the further development of its data centre at the organisation’s headquarters. PAJ president Jenni Campbell, thanked the Ambassador for her generosity. Ms. Campbell said the over 400 members of the PAJ are appreciative of the gift and will find the expansion of the data centre of tremendous benefit. The PAJ’s data centre was established to provide an off-site space for working journalists to conduct research and produce content for public consumption. In her remarks, the PAJ president said; “It is useful to take a look at the Ambassador’s journey through her various postings in Africa and other parts of the world and take encouragement and inspiration from what she has achieved. She has been a great, generous and humble presence among us. “