Chocolate Provides ‘Healing,’ Inspires Non Profit

(Austin, TX)  It’s not a diagnosis that Marcía L. Williams expected: You’ve got breast cancer. There was no family history and no warning. Surprise and dismay times two when her only sister, a TV producer, was also diagnosed with breast cancer. Throughout this journey of treatment and healing, Williams found comfort in the power of chocolate. “I was literally lying in the MRI machine, just hours after learning I had breast cancer, thinking about my love of baking, brownies in particular.” Some studies have indicated that chocolate had healing properties, but in this case, thinking about baking brownies was healing. Williams immediately started thinking about her passion for baking, and through that, was able to focus on something besides her diagnosis. She baked brownies for others—while she was sick—and was able to focus on others while others were trying to focus on her. Williams was inspired to share her recipes for brownies and recipes for healing. Her new book, “Chocolate Heals: Life is Sweet” (October 2013) contains inspirational short stories, tasty recipes, and chocolate trivia. “It felt like something I had to do, and it has been incredibly healing for me to plan on being able to help others through sharing my story and suggestions for getting through life’s challenges,” Williams adds. Williams’ life experiences have prepared her to encourage others enduring difficult, and seemingly catastrophic, challenges.  Williams’ message applies to those battling disease, layoffs, troubled relationships and any challenges that seem insurmountable. A portion of the proceeds from “Chocolate Heals” will be donated to the non-profit communications organization founded in honor of Williams’ sister and journalist, Thea Williams-Douglas, who lost her battle with breast cancer ( Williams is cancer-free and she continues to inspire others. For more information, visit