Ethnic Discrimination Forces Classic Cup Café to New Location in Dallas!

Classic Cup Café, Dallas’ leading organic, all-natural café known for its locally roasted coffees, was forced to a new location in Dallas, Texas. The café will officially re-opened for business on November 3, 2013 and will continue to offer customers fresh food inclusive of live acoustic music and an art gallery. Previously operated from 133 Historic Town Square in Lancaster, Texas, Classic Cup Coffeehouse will now operate from its new location at 4105 Worth Street Dallas, Texas. When asked the reason for the relocation, spokesperson Chef Tonne blames it on ethnic discrimination.   The landlord walks into her café and just hands her a letter stating no intention of renewal without explanation, on the same day the cashiers check was cashed in which Chef Tonne the October Rent. “I understand the other merchants in the town square did not like people of African American and Hispanic descent to come to the town square. As a result, our lease was not renewed, and so the relocation was inevitable,” explains Chef Tonne, who signed a two-year lease. “One merchant/business owner was quoted as saying, ‘I am not happy about the dynamics of the town square changing,’” adds Chef Tonne, who Classic Cup Cafe seems to have been attracting the wrong demographic.  Additionally another merchant/business owner who is of African American descent told Chef Tonne that “we don’t want them coming down here starting trouble”; after she explained her intentions of what she calls entertainment inclusiveness. Even though Lancaster, Texas has had a history of racism (Elite News Dallas Texas 2012), Chef Tonne and her team have attempted to provide a service to a community that is 67 per cent African American. “However, some descendents of the founders of the community has attempted to harass, intimidate, slandered Classic Cup Cafe into provided service for a select few,” notes Chef Tonne, who also accuses the Lancaster Chamber board members  of openly engaged in slanderous activities against Classic Cup Cafe. “They have even attempted to sabotage the business practices Classic Cup Cafe, despite our membership in the Lancaster Texas Chamber of Commerce,” adds Chef Tonne, whose research showed the original charter drawn by the founders stated that no property in Lancaster Square shall be owned by African Americans, but was later abolished in the early 1980’s. However, what was meant for evil eventually turned out to be much in favor of the café. According to Chef Tonne, they are relocating to just two blocks east of Baylor Hospital of Dallas, which provides for a more convenient location for East Dallas residents and Uptown businesses. Located in an urban reinvestment area, the Classic Cup Coffeehouse, will open November 3, 2013, hosts a grand opening event, a well-deserved publicity event. For further information, please visit the following website: ,